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Gaiam Eco Yoga Mat

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Great mat for starters


The Eco mat is a great mat for people starting a yoga journey. This mat is very supportive with very thin padding, allowing for suitable support while still feeling the support of the ground. The mat is also rather sticky allowing for it to not slide around on surfaces. Great mat!



I feel GREEN!


I bought two of those mats couple of years ago and they are going strong. They have an initial smell to them - kind of rubbery but if you use one of the mat cleansers it will soon go away. It has cloth like side to it (the mat that I have) and the regular non slid rubber side. I really enjoy it because it alows me to practice my yoga with the knowledge that while doing so I'm staying GREEN :). I tried other "eco" mats from other makers and they fall apart with the rubber crumbling away. This one is so far all in one piece and looking really nice. I highly recommend it to the eco conscious people. It is not too thick so I would get two if you are practicing on the floor for extra padding - that is what I ended up doing.

Cedar Grove, NJ


Gaiam Eco Yoga Mat - don't take it to Hot/Bikram


I'm not sure what makes this yoga mat more "Eco" than other mats, but it comes from a trusted brand. It takes quite a while before he mat's edges will lay flat. The design is pretty - it's distinctive compared to solid colors, but from a functional standpoint, this is not the yoga mat to take if you're doing Bikram or Hot yoga. When the heat is on (and the detoxifying sweat is dripping profusely onto the mat), you'll need a towel to keep your hands and feet from slipping. Gaiam has made yoga products accessible to everyone - it's great that you can find their products in general retail stores. A product table on the package could help consumers choose the right mat.

Cardiff By The Sea, CA


Gaiam Eco Yoga Mat

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