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Gaia Herbs
Gaia Herbs Kava Kava

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Gaia Kava Kava no yucky taste


Having lived on both the islands of Kauai and Oahu for a total of ten years I have encountered Kava on numorous occations, but never in a pill form!  In the islands we drink Kava...The Kava powder is put in to the toe of panty hose and stirred in to a pot of cold water for a while..until the Toa says its time to drink!!!  The taste is something that I can only compaire to a sandy mud puddle, not for the week of stomach at all!!!  The effects on the other hand are quite pleasant much like a light alcohal buzz.  It relaxes you completely...if you can keep it down that is!!!  Now come to find out I didnt have to gag myself trying to reap the benifits of Kava, I could have been taking it in a pill form...so much easier and much better tasting!!!  I get a similar result as I did with the drink but with no yucky taste and no messy bowl to clean after the luau! :)  So in my opinion Gaia Kava Kava is GREAT!

Clio, MI


One of the best!


The one thing i worry about when I purchase herbs, especially from a manufactorer that I have never purcharsed from before, is the quality. Herbs are NOT FDA monitored, so it is hard to say what is and is not in the herbs you purchase, but with Gaia brand you don't have to worry. They give you a code that you can type in online to see where your herb came from, guarnteeing it's freshness and quality. I like their Kava Kava because it gives you a quick release and you feel it's effects fast. Which if you need it for an anxiety attack or to help sleep, it's an awesome feature to have. I have not had any problems while buying from Gaia and would recommend them.  I believe they are a leader in herb manufactoring and trust all their products! They even include a warning about liver damage that Kava Kava can do if taken for prolonged periods, which is not something they have to do, but rather do to make their consumer aware of the risks of taking Kava Kava

Joliet, IL


Gaia Herbs Kava Kava

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