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Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine

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expert espresso requires novice skill


Most people want a great cappuccino without a lot of hassle. What they may not know is that you don't have to go to the corner cafe, or spend a ton of money, to get it. Thanks to the Gaggia Evolution, you can get expert espresso drinks at home, easily and economically. Although rival "pod" machines have taken over by storm--the Keurig and Nespresso are the most popular--the Gaggia Evolution Espresso machine is equally simple to use and it uses ground coffee you can choose and measure yourself. This is not only better for the environment, it is also a more economically sound consumer choice. With the Gaggia, you have more say over the bean you brew, and control over its freshness and its cost. (Freshly ground coffee is always best, but I like to save time and have mine ground in advance.) Unlike less expensive espresso machines (Krups or Mr. Coffee), the Gaggia Evolution uses forced steam pressure -- the same kind used in commercial brand machines you see at Starbucks -- to make your drink. This produces the heavenly "crema" that foams at the top of your espresso; and can steam milk to the frothiness of your choice. The Gaggia machine is easy to operate right out of the box--when the green light says go, you push one button for coffee, another one to steam the milk. And cleaning takes a few moments, wipe it down and presto you are ready for your next creation! So long as you keep up with regular maintenance (the cleaning of the basket and the screen above it), you should get years of home cafe pleasure. And for the space saver in all of us, the Evolution only takes up about ten square inches of counter, which is a bonus in any kitchen. What's more, the sleek design is all Italian. (You can choose from black or stainless steel.) With the Evolution in hand, get ready to greet your inner barista!




Make your own infamous latte that tastes amazing!


I was given a Gaggia for a present a few years back. This latte maker was so much fun for my fiance and I during a long, cold winter. It's easy to use, but I would recommend watching the DVD that comes with it to make sure you understand what to do and the steps. It can seem a little daunting to latte making newbies, but you will soon catch on and have your friends begging for more. It's awesome because it froths the milk so well and gives you just the right amount of coffee for your latte. Have fun with and try to make your own signature drink. My favorite was adding a little chocolate syrup and a dash of cinnamon. YUM! This machine and drink making can make a little mess so keep a rag nearby. Also, always clean the machine by running water through it like the informational DVD tells you. Just to keep up the life of the machine and the cleanliness of it. These Gaggias can be pricey, but keep your eye out for a deal on ideeli, gilt, etc. and you may just find one! Lattes up!


Rogers, AR


Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine

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