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GUM Go-Betweens Cleaners

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Unfortunately not for me


Great product idea that just didn't work out for me. Don't know if I actually just got too large a size (as another reviewer suggested) because there was only one UPC available in the store where I bought them, so I've not seen different sizes. These proved to be too large to go between most of my teeth comfortably, forcing the shaft to bend, and the metal scraped oddly against the teeth it went between. I was afraid that it would damage the enamel. They seemed a little flimsy, and once bent on closely spaced teeth they didn't straighten out very well either. These wouldn't go between my molars or crowns at all, although they cleaned admirably under and around the sides of my bridge. I also found them to be a little irritating to my gums, which can be somewhat sensitive at times. I've used other GUM products that worked much better and was a bit disappointed in this one.




Great For Braces and In-Between Spaces


My step-daughter used these for her braces and I began using them after my dental hygenist suggested a similar product. I honestly think they're just as good as floss, and even better in some cases. The unit is in two pieces and the brush end flips onto the cap for use. The little brush really gets in those hard to reach spaces that a toothbrush misses and where a toothpick doesn't fit. My teeth always feel extra clean when I use these. Once I'm done, I flip it back, and I have a cover to store the brush until the next use. Each one lasts about a week. One problem is that sometimes the brush comes out of the base while I'm using it; particularly on my back teeth. Also, I don't have perfect, evenly-spaced teeth so the brush doesn't fit in all of the tighter spaces. All in all, I like these GUM Go-Betweens surprisingly well. They're easy to use, do a thorough job, and are affordable.


Chicagoland, IL


No Go Between cleaners


I personally did not like these. Through trial and error you have to find your right size. So I wasted money on a size to large for me. The metal brushing on my teeth felt like I bit into tin foil. Not a great feeling. The only positive is that it does come with a cover so you can pop one in your purse or lunch box.


Salt Lake City, UT


Blondie says "Go-Betweens Are GREAT for Mom's Teeth


According to Blondie, my teeth are being easily cleaned by using the G.U.M. Go-Betweens Cleaners. They have a bristle that fit between your teeth and even fits the smallest spaces in your mouth. They are a convenient ONE-HANDED cleaning tool which are easier to use than flossing. They have anti-bacterial bristle protection that keep the brush cleaner between uses. This is recommended by dental professionals to clean between braces, bridges and even very tight spaces. I really like using this better than flossing and I keep one in my car for quick uses. You can use them anywhere.


Dallas, TX


GUM Go-Betweens Cleaners

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