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GPX DVD Player

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Won't purchase this product/brand again


Was on sale, buttons on remote small and hard to use. After 2 movies, it stopped and left a pixelated picture on the screen. Today I put in a new movie, it jumps to the middle of the movie, stops, jumps ahead. I called customer service and since my 90 days were up, too bad, so sad. Guess I shouldn't have been surprised it was only 90 day guarantee. So I told them I would not be purchasing another. I put the movie in my other player and it worked like it was supposed to. I had to give it a star or it wouldn't let me write about it.

Mill City, OR


Holiday gifts? Keep looking.


GPX makes a lot of low end to mid priced items. There are probably worse DVD players, but a buyer should check their tv to make sure it is compatible first. Lots of information and reviews I read suggested that built in TV/DVD combos stop working after a time. So I bought a brand name tv that I really liked and grabbed one of these GPX players to go with it. Connection  looked simple enough, but the DVD's appeared damaged after a couple of uses. It didn't seem to work with the tv. It worked on a friend's tv, but not on mine. Then they mentioned concern about their dvd's. If you are looking for holiday gifts,  GPX offers a portable DVD player or mp3 docker and radio I would suggest instead. due to the variable experience with this player, it is possible that it will work just fine with for the person who receives it as a gift, or not at all. The price is low, but why take a chance on a gift like that? There are too many other options to risk it on this one.

Charlotte, NC


GPX DVD Player

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