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GNC Women's Prenatal Formula With Iron

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I bought these because I was GNC brand loyal shopper. Before.being pregnant I was also usong their brand of women's active multivitamins. I chose to stick with the brand not solely because of brand loyalty but because first, they were cheaper than the ones prescribed by my obstetrician even with insuramce covering part of the price. Secondly, they had more nutrients than the cheaper store brands and because of my decrease in appetite due to pregnancy (weird?!) I felt I needed those extra nutrients for myself and my ever growing baby. Third, I could find these in a store I shopped in frequently so it was convenient. They didn't have a bad smell or gross after taste either which was a huge plus for my weak stomach. The only negative thing I can say about these vitamins is a dose consists of two pills versus one pill and they are not exactly small pills. Overall, I was satisfied with my.purchase of the GNC Prenatal vitamins with iron.



Before, During and After-Prenatals by GNC


I have taken so many different brands of vitamins in my years of life, but I have not found anything that I feel works as well as this vitamin.  I actually purchase the prenatal wellness package now that we are trying to conceive, but I was taking the prenatal formula before.  I have struggled with low iron, and I have struggled with my diet and nutrition since my teenage years.  I feel like this vitamin has all I need and then some.  It has higher concentrations of many of the vitamins and minerals than other brands.  You do have to take 2 a day verse one, but I just take on in the morning and one in the evening (I get upset tummy problems with any and all vitamins I take so this is the method I have always used).  During my Physical two years ago, my doctors were worried about so many things with my vitamins, minerals, blood sugar and cholesterol.  I immediately knew I needed some changes.  I started working on my diet, exercising, and taking these vitamins with a fish oil everyday.  I must say my blood panels look amazing now...textbook almost.  I have more energy taking this vitamin and I seem to stay more focused during the day.  Some may say it's all in my head, but if it is, I'm willing to stay on these vitamins to make me feel better!

Grayson, GA


GNC Prenatal are the best Prenatal Vitamins I've found!


I am currently near the end of my fourth pregnancy, and I have taken GNC Women's Prenatal Formula With Iron through the last two of my pregnancies.  At the beginning of my pregnancies, I have moderate morning sickness, so I've gotten in the habit of taking them at night so they won't get thrown back up.  For the first pregnancy, I took a prescription prenatal, and for several hours after taking it (even at night), I would burp up a terrible taste.  For the second pregnancy, I took a generic store brand prenatal vitamin.  My second child was born with a spinal cord deficiency that caused us a huge scare (he is fine now), that could have been caused by a folic acid deficiency during pregnancy.  After that, I read many articles about how these generic store brand vitamins are often unregulated and they may or may not have the stated amount of each vitamin/mineral in them.  This is why I switched to GNC.  Also, when I'm taking the GNC ones, my fingernails grow like crazy, which makes me feel like they must be working for some reason. :-)  I highly recommend the GNC Prenatal Formula with Iron for anyone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Ottawa, OH


Almost like horse pills


These vitamins I have a love/hate relationship with. I love them because they come from a name I trust (GNC), have more in them than my standard prenatal (K-Mart generic), and don't dissolve the second I put them in my mouth. I hate them because I have to take two pills whereas with the K-Mart generic I could take one, and they are absolutely HUGE pills. I could not take these prenatals during my first trimester due to morning sickness. I ended up gagging on them and being unable to swallow, despite drinking copious amounts of water with them. My morning sickness is a bit severe, so that may have been part of my problem. With my morning sickness under control, I have no problems taking them in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Sometimes I have a gag issue or two, but those are few and far between. This prenatal doesn't have any unpleasant side effects (such as constipation). If the pills were smaller I would get rid of the K-Mart generics and be a loyal user of these prenatals.

Helena, MT


Premium multivitamin for pregnant & nursing women


Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life. Not only do you need to meet your individual nutritional needs, but you must also meet the requirements of your developing baby. Maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy affects both the mother's well-being and the infant's growth. As the baby develops through the early phases of life, your nutritional needs will also increase. A balanced diet focusing extra attention to nutrients like calcium, iron and folic acid is recommended. After delivery, an adequate diet is needed to support nursing and to replace depleted nutrient stores; GNC Women's Prenatal Formula is a delicately blended multivitamin that provides you and your baby with supplemental levels of essential nutrients. I would strongly recommend this vitamins to those who are pregnant and are planning to become pregnant because comparing to other identical products on the market GNC Women's Prenatal Formula supplies balanced nutrition with emphasis on antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to supplement a healthy diet. I love these vitamins and you will not be disappointed if you try it, too. 

Elizabeth, NJ


GNC Women's Prenatal Formula With Iron

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