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GNC WELLbeING be-HOT Exercising Turbopak

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IN LOVE with this vit. pack!


These are the best! By far the best vitamin pack I've EVER used.I think no one uses them because the are so much!  Inside each pack there are several pills, the be-defined( for toning) , be-energized (fat burner) and be-enhanced ( daily vitamin). There are 30 packs in each box of Be-Hot and they can be expensive. Running you 40.00 a box, and you can only get them at GNC.  I love the fact that they are a sports vitamin geared towards woman. Everything from the packaging, the names of the vitamins to the way they are formulated is all geared towards an athletic woman! I take them about an hour before I run and I can completely tell the difference in my performance. I feel more energized and I can push a bit more. Take one of these vitamin packs and a power gel and you will be running forever! (no lie!). Perhaps it's all in my head, but that's half the issue right? 

Stafford, VA


good product


I was skeptical about using this, since I've tried so many pills before, but after using my 2nd box of these, I'm a believer! I wasn't totally sold on it after the first box, but definitely after the 2nd one. I have lost 10 pounds since August using this and exercise...I work out 5x a week. I love using it before my workouts, take 30 minutes before. And I don't take it when I don't exercise, so it lasts longer for me that way.I started using Be Hot in June and had noticable results within 30 days. I work out soon after waking up and I usually take the packet about 15-30 minutes before working out with a small snack such as walnuts or a small amount of fruit. It's now almost December and I am going to discontinue using the product. I am down one size and headed for another and don't want to loose any more inches or weight. I am just going to maintain and try to sculpt a bit more. I highly recommend this product to boost your workout. It worked really well for me.

Lock Haven, PA


GNC makes great products!


Normally, this kind of purchase would not happen in my household. But, when you are a first time mom trying to get back your figure after a few months you start considering ways to boost your workout time. I have to say these worked for me really well! They give me a boost of energy and I really feel like my workouts are worth so much more since my metabolism is working at high speeds. Also, unlike other metabolism boosters out there, this product does not cause the shakes. I was very nervous to try this product out at first because other products I had used gave me jittery hands and I felt like I couldnt relax, etc. The Be-Hot Turbo pack does not do this! You also dont have an energy crash while taking this. I feel great all day long and its so nice to know that the vitamins are helping my body burn more calories before, during, and after exercise! I definitely recommend this product to anyone!

Edmond, OK


GNC WELLbeING be-HOT Exercising Turbopak

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