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GNC Spirulina

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All-in-one, natural nutritional dietary supplement.


*Spirulina is a blue-green algae is a SUPERB nutritional supplement that I recommend to anyone*. GNC's brand (pure Hawaiian sea-harvested) is probably the best nutritional supplement in my opinion. For one, it is the second best to buying bulk spirulina algae which many people prepare in nutritional shakes. For those who don't have the time or know-how to make their own supplement shakes, I highly recommend their 500mg (1/2 gram) tablets which come in bottles of 100 capsules. By itself, spirulina has a "distinctive," unpalatable taste. The capsules are very convenient. Also, GNC's brand contains only gelatin and cellulose along with the spirulina itself, for those who are concious about additives.Spirulina has been used in Asia for quite a long time as general "tonic" to improve health by virtue of the algae's many nutritional properties. Not only is it very high in protein with moderate amounts of carbohydrates, it provides **necessary **trace minerals and a healthy balance of amino acids severely lacking in the average American diet. Do just a little research (Wiki is great for starters) to give you nutritional facts on this valuable supplement.

North Wales, PA


GNC Spirulina

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