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GNC Niacin 500

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GNC Niacin 500 - May help lower cholesterol


I had been taking Niacin because I had read that it can help lower cholesterol; however, I was taking a flush-free variety which I later read does **not** help lower cholesterol. I switched to Slo Niacin [http://www.viewpoints.com/Slo-Niacin-Polygel-Controlled-Release-Niacin-500-mg-Tablets-100-Slo-Niacin-review-14c86][1] . With regular Niacin you can get intense flushing and itching. I had become more used to the Slo Niacin and had the reaction only sporadically; and it usually starts within one to 4 hours after taking it and gradually dissipates in an hour or less. I've accepted that reaction and only mention it just to forewarn you that it might occur. I found **GNC Niacin 500 **on amazon.com; and it was less expensive than the Slo Niacin I had been purchasing. I immediately noticed a difference. The Slo Niacin is a pink, hard, shiny tablet...The GNC Niacin tablet is a round, uncoated softer tablet. The itching and burning can start in as little as 15 minutes. I make no health claims about the GNC Niacin 500 and won't know if the regular Niacin has aided in lowering my cholesterol until my next blood test. - Be sure to check with your physician before starting any vitamin/supplement regimen. Give him/her a complete list of any prescription/non-prescription medications/vitamins/supplements that you are on so that any drug interactions can be avoided. Looking at it from a cost factor, I would recommend the GNC Niacin 500. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Slo-Niacin-Polygel-Controlled-Release-Niacin-500-mg-Tablets-100-Slo-Niacin-review-14c86

Madison, OH


GNC Niacin 500

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