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GNC Mega Men Sport multivitamin

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Live long and feel good


I have use the GNC vitamins since I was 17 - that is now 40 years. I can tell a difference in my energy levels, hair and nail growth when I run out of these. While the same may be said for a lot of vitamins, it will be as a result of their copying the GNC formula.



Good for active men


This is the multivitamin that my husband takes every day. He started taking it because he felt tired daily and thought multivitamins could help. He is in his early thirties and exercises quite regularly (runs three times a week). And he is in fairly good shape so I was a bit worried when he said he didn't feel so well but ever since he started taking the vitamins he has said that he feels much better. We get the GNC multivitamins because I have been taking the female version of multivitamins from GNC and I liked it a lot. The male version one also seems like a good choice for younger men that are active. My father also takes the GNC multivitamins for men over fifty and he likes that as well. What I like about this is that they have time release so it get released in the body gradually rather than at once. And this doesn't really have any smell or taste so it's easy to take.



Excellent 2 Pill Multivitamin


GNC Mega Men has been the multivitamin I come back to time and time again. You can usually get it for a decent price and a small bottle last 45 days or the big bottle last 90. It has tons of stuff in it covering all the nutritional basics plus small amounts of the extra blends. It would be nice if GNC put more quantity in to the extra blends, but you cannot beat if for the price. An additional plus is it is two pills a day which is great compared to those that have more and studies show that one a day vitamins are not as effective because your body cannot absorb that many vitamins at once. It is close to the perfect multivitamin for active men (bump up some of the extras and they've got it).

Lake Villa, IL


My husband has been using this product for years


He seems to be very happy with this choice of multivitamins for an active man. We both trust the GNC name. Has kept him healthier since he's been taking them. It's nice to have this dietary supplement in case you don't get it in your daily food intake.

Barberton, OH


Daily Multivitamin Supplement


The **GNC Men's Mega Men Multivitamin** meets nearly all of the criteria that I was looking for in a good multivitamin: - <= 5000 IU **vitamin A**; this vitamin has** 5000 IU** - >= 40% from beta carotene; this vitamin has **50% as beta-Carotene**, 50% as Acetate - <= 200 mcg **chromium**; this vitamin has **120 mcg** - natural **vitamin E** (d-alpha tocopherol or d-alpha tocopheryl) rather than synthetic vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol); this vitamin has **Natural d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate** - <= 300 mcg **selenium**; this vitamin has **200 mcg** - NO **iron**; this vitamin has **none** - >= 25 mcg **B12** (especially if vegetarian); this vitamin has **50 mcg** - >= 400 mcg **folic acid** (especially if over 50); this vitamin has **600 mcg** - <= 1 mcg **copper** (maybe even copper-free); this vitamin has **2 mg** - 400 IU **vitamin D**; this vitamin has **600 IU** - contains vitamin **B5 (pantothenic acid)**; this vitamin has **50 mcg** - **no artificial chemical colors**; this vitamin has **caramel color** - Vitamin B complex: - >= 1.5 mg **vitamin B1**; this vitamin has **50 mg** - >= 1.7 mg **vitamin B2**; this vitamin has **50 mg** - >= 20 mg **vitamin B3**; this vitamin has **50 mg** - >= 2.0 mg **vitamin B6**; this vitamin has **50 mg** - >= 100 mg **magnesium**; this vitamin has **100 mg** - Most of the minerals in the multivitamin (e.g. zinc, magnesium, calcium, chromium, selenium) sould NOT have the words carbonate, phosphate, and oxide in the name since these forms are not absorbed as well as citrate, malate, aspartate, glycinate, picolinate, amino acid chelates, organic chelates, or Krebs cycle intermediates; this vitamin has a mix of the two categories (e.g. oxide, chelate). Two caplets per dar are necessary to get the supplement amounts shown above.  The caplets aren't small, but aren't difficult for me to swallow with a little bit of liquid.  They taste okay.  In addition to the above main supplements, these vitamins also include: - Amino Adic Blend - Antioxidant Fruit and Vegetable Blend - Cardiovascular Complex - and more... Overall, I have been pleased with these vitamins and will continue to use them until I find something better at or below the same price point...

Harrison, OH


Mega Men Sport is an overrated multi, good but not that good


All those pills and these are the pitiful results? The multi does what it claims but there are much higher quality multi's for much more reasonable prices packed into a much small capsule. The Mega Mens line's vitamins are enormous and there are 7 OF THEM! What GNC has going for them is marketing power and stores everywhere. My advice would be to look at some better researched vitamins that use all that wasted marketing money GNC uses on research and development instead. But if you're not someone who wants to buy online and would prefer to not wait for shipping or you need to touch and see ur product before buying then this will suffice.

Bonney Lake, WA


GNC Mega Men Sport multivitamin

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