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GNC C-100 Chewable Vitamins

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Mmm Gnc C chewables


I have purchased GNC chewable vitamin C for years.  I love them, my son loves them and my boyfriend loves them too. I do not discourage my family from taking 2 or 3 of these tablets every day.  My son likes the fruit flavor, I prefer the rose hips.  But either way, it is a good product.  I leave a bottle on the counter in the kitchen.  Especially in the winter months, I feel like this product helps to give my family the protection that it needs for all of the different viruses that are floating around.  I buy this product on line.  I usually get free shipping and I use my GNC discount card.  Between all of the sales and coupons, plus the free shipping, it is a very good value.  The tablets are about 1 inch in diameter and have a very pleasant tart taste to them.  They chey up very well in my mouth, they do not leave a grainy feeling in my mouth.  It is a good product that I trust for my family and friends.

Cleburne, TX


GNC C-100 Chewable Vitamins

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