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GMBSHair Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig Beyonce Color: F237

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This Beyonce wig makes me think I can sing AND dance!


So in the past I've gone a little crazy with my wig addiction. I've gotten better. But there's something about the name Beyonce which commands attention, ladies! I've always gotten safe wigs. Albeit long and flowy, but natural colors. Not this time. I ordered Beyonce in a F/2/33/240. All that means is that there are streaks of blondish, light brown going on up in there. I wasn't ready for it. Nobody was. When you put this wig on, You had better be prepared for some looooookks, honey. It didn't tangle, it held up well, but I wasn't prepared for the instant diva I became after I put this thing on. So in an attempt to quite the loud "fierceness" of this wig, I shaved a good 10 inches off. Only then could I pull off a happy homemaker better with this wig in the color that I ordered. Otherwise I'd have an entourage and paparazzi following me to Winn Dixie, okay? I mean, you can't really booty bounce on base in the middle of the commissary wig or no wig:) This wig is gorgeous and if your interested, I'd look on YouTube for the range of colors this things comes in so you can see it on someone of your own personal complexion before purchasing.


Saint Marys, GA


GMBSHair Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig Beyonce Color: F237

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