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GMAC Mortgage - Equity Rewards Mastercard

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I was given this card when I refinanced with GMAC. It was one of those zero balance cards but they raised it right away. I paid off some high interest cards and got rid of them but got too close to limit. Instead of telling me that they charge overages for interest paid they charged me 39. They added interest to total and said I was over. I had never had that with a card before. Don't feel they were very upfront. They post the latest time possible on the day that you pay. Also they give you points toward your mortgage pay down but not really much. Not worth the hassle. I am getting rid of it. I am not really sure what it is associated with ... pay to FIA card services. which until now I had never heard of it.

Vancouver, WA


GMAC Mortgage - Equity Rewards Mastercard

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