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Glidden Interior Semi-Gloss Paint

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Glidden freshened up the trim and doors in our guest bedroom


We recently freshened up our guest bedroom. It had been quite some time since we last painted the room and the paint was beginning to show its age. We chose Glidden Interior Flat paint for the walls and because we were so pleased with the coverage and finished results, we ended up purchasing Glidden Interior Semi-Gloss paint to paint the trim and the door. The end results were good. The paint was easy to apply. It wasn't too thick and sticky but it still adhered well to the wood. We ended up using two coats of paint on the doors to ensure a uniform finish. The extra coat was definitely worth it as the door looks fantastic. So far the paint has been very durable. Admittedly, although the spare bedroom does not get a lot of use, the doors and trim still look freshly painted. I like that because of the semi-gloss finish I can easily wipe down the doors and trim to ensure that fresh painted look. While this is not a top of the line paint, I think Glidden Interior Semi-Gloss paint works perfectly well for what we needed. If you are looking for a good value semi-gloss paint, I would recommend Glidden.


New York, NY


This is a great paint that looks great on my walls.


I thought the paint went on the walls really smooth. I also like the semi-gloss finish is has. It looks amazing! The color also mixed super well and evenly. It really feels smooth on my walls and not at all bumpy. This is really a great paint! Quality The quality was amazing. I think this product looked great on my walls. Definitely not a cheap brand of paint. Durability I think the product has great durability. I've only had the paint on my walls for a year, but I've had no problems. It looks like it will last a long time. It's not peeling or chipping off the walls. Coverage The coverage was great. A little bit of paint went a long way. It went evenly on the walls and didn't leave lumps or bumps. This is a great quality paint! Ease of Appliation The paint was very easy to apply, not to thin or thick. I put it on the walls myself and thought it was really easy. TIP: Change your paint rollers often, they can leave fibers on the wall that won't come.




Glidden Interior Semi-Gloss Paint

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