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GE Wireless Optical Mini Mouse

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GE Wireless Optical Mini Mouse - Welcomed in my house ANYDAY!


Okay I admit it, I spend entirely too much of my time on-line these days.  Who doesn't?  While I admit I am an Internet junkie and live on-line at times I want to be able to navigate easily and quickly.  I own both a laptop and a desktop but the only one that ever gets used is the laptop.  The mouse-pad is convenient yes, but it is not fully efficient for me.  The *GE Wireless Mini Optical Mouse* solved my little annoyance about a year ago. **The Basics** The *GE Wireless Optical Mini Mouse*comes packaged with everything you need to get started; the mouse, USB wireless receiver, two 'AAA' batteries and the users guide.  It comes with 256 codes to prevent interference - nothing for you to do on your part for this to work.  The mouse comes complete with the typical left and right buttons and scroll wheel in the middle.  The scroll wheel is one of the smoothest and quietest I have ever used.  It allows you to scroll and zoom almost effortlessly.  There are two features that I just adore about this gadget.  First, the USB receiver stores neatly into the mouse hardware itself.  The center of the mouse slides back and pops up with a slot that you just slip the USB receiver down into and the little door slides right back into place. Secondly, there is no software to fool with.  I have used this mouse on multiple computers and all you do is plug and the computers recognize the mouse and it works instantly. **My Thoughts** I have owned this mouse for over a year now and I have been pleased with it since day one.  I purchased it from Big Lots and got a great deal.  I play around in Paint-shop Pro a lot making signature tags and editing pictures so using a wireless mouse with my laptop is more desirable for those kind of functions versus using the mouse-pad.  The only regret I have about buying the *GE Wireless Optical Mini Mouse*is that I didn't buy two of them.  It seems whenever we find something we like and it wears out, there is never another one to be found of it's same kind.  Maybe I will luck up and get many years of service out of this little guy.  I don't have one negative thing to say about him.  He sure has proved to be worthy to me for my needs.  I would highly recommend a *GE Wireless Optical Mini Mouse* to anyone. 

Linden, NC


Surprisingly good mouse especially for that low price


I have two of these little guys, bought at Big Lots one after the other. Gave one to my wife to replace the P.O.S. GearHead wireless optical mouse she was using. I used the other one for almost a year. Always worked, nice light touch, scroll wheel never slipped. It was the traveling mouse, and it held up well. I only deduct a bit for the uninspired styling and ergonomics. Recently my daughter's GearHead mouse stopped working and I gave her my little GE. Back to Big Lots, but all I could find was the GE 98563 mouse. Much sleeker and comfortable, hope it works as well as the old GE.

San Jose, CA


GE Wireless Optical Mini Mouse

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