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GE Wall Oven JRS06

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Not my favorite


As with many items, this particular GE wall oven has its pros and cons. First and foremost, it stopped working for us more than once. My brother in law is pretty savvy with fixing appliances, so he was over here three different times in the first two years of owning it to fix it. We ended up buying him a pretty nice dinner out of it. An oven shouldn't do that in the first two years. I can't tell you what was wrong with them as it was something he discussed with my husband. I have a tendency not to worry my "pretty little head" about that sort of stuff. The second thing I didn't care for is that the window to see in is fairly small and not easy to see through. I like to check my stuff without opening the door, but I couldn't really do that very well. This wall oven was, however, easy to figure out and use, and that does go a long way with me. I am technologically challenged and get bored with figuring out appliances, fixing things, etc., so not having to spend much time on figuring out how to use this, clean it, etc. was a gift. I can't really recommend this oven, though, because compared to other ovens I've used, the baking, broiling, roasting isn't as good and even. It is not a chef's dream by any stretch of the imagination. Unless you can't afford much else, I would get something of much better quality. You really do get what you paid for, and in this case, this turned out to be a waste of our money.



GE Wall Oven JRS06 Rocks!


This oven is very, very nice. It is very efficient. I used to think I would never purchase a 'wall' oven because I grew up using the traditional, stove and oven range. But once I used one on an up high level, I was hooked. There's no more bending over to get your heavy pans and pots and cookers full of heavy food out of the oven. The control is much better with a wall oven. It also brings the risk of buring yourself way down because you can actually look straight into the oven and watch what you're doing. This is very easy to operate, and i love all the features it has. It has very good heating source, and the powder this thing generates is great. It really cooks efficient. This only downer is the price is a bit much... but it's great quality!

Manitowoc, WI


Perfect affordable oven


It is so hard to choose when it comes to buying a new oven. You have to worry about size, price, and style among other factors. When I bought my house the oven was the original from 1963 and was in major need of being replaced. It worked fine but when the heavy glass window all of a sudden falls out of the oven door itself it's time for a new oven. I looked around for the best price and features I could find that fit my budget. I stumbled upon a front open, built in GE double rack oven that was perfect. Okay, granted I had to make the hole where the old oven was bigger and have an electrician install it but it all worked out. My new, now newish, GE oven is wonderful. It has two wire racks with four rack settings inside. It has easy to use features on the front panel and heats up quickly. It heats everything I cook evenly. When it comes to baking you have to use the minimal cooking time and sometimes watch the food or it will overcook. The only thing I don't like is that it is not self cleaning, but it works great for everyday use.

Tulsa, OK


GE Wall Oven JRS06

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