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GE WSM2420T Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

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What I like about the product is that it actually uses water to clean clothes. Thumbs up with anyone doing laundry for a large family. What I don't like after owning the product for almost 2 years is that it eats draw strings in the dryer. Terrible engineering in my book that can cost lost of time and money. I now remove anything that could possibly get "caught" in the dryer. Sad waste of my time and ruined dozens of our clothes :(




Washer works well for small spaces


The GE washer works well. We owned at least one of the stacked GE washers for a very long time. I like the space saving features that it offers. It works well for small spaces where you cannot fit side by side washers and dryers. We have a tiny laundry room which only allows for the stacked units to fit and so we had to find one that would fit perfectly into the spot that the home builder designed to fit the washer. It is so convenient for these situations. I found that the washer do a good job washing the clothes. It seems to help to close the zippers so that other clothing doesn't rip during the agitation cycle and it helps to close the buttons too. I found that using the downy ball for the fabric softener does work well in the GE Washer because mine didn't have a fabric softener dispenser.


Anchorage, AK


GE WSM2420T Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

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