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GE - W1200 Digital Camera

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My GE W1200 camera is a perfect camera for general family usage.


I received my GE W1200 digital camera for a Christmas present.  I had no clue GE even made cameras.  I have thoroughly enjoyed using it.  The instructions were well written and it took no time to learn to use the camera.  The camera is compact, yet has a large view screen. It includes a video mode and a number of preset modes such as sports, snow, fireworks, museum (no glass glare), night landscape, children/pets, and night portraits.  It can be set to accentuate blue/greens or red/oranges.  It can be used in fully automatic mode or as a totally manual camera.  Deleting unwanted pictures is a cinch with the separate "trash" button at the back.  Yet pictures can be marked so that they cannot be accidentally deleted.  My nine-year-old son has had no difficulty learning how to use this camera.  I am looking forward to learning to use the features I have not yet explored such as the ability to "stitch together" three photos to make a super wide landscape picture.  I am will pleased with this camera. LALC

Columbia, SC


poor sound quality


I'm not an experienced camera woman but I wanted a digital camera. For of all make sure you buy rechargable batteries because if you don't your camera won't even last a full 30 minutes with before the regular batteries are dead. I love that this camera has a camcorder function the only down side is that the sound quality is very poor.  But it was great for me because I don't have the money just yet for a costly camcorder. This camera is very portable I keep it in my purse it has a lot of funciton that I have no clue how to use and I bought a chip that you put in the camera to store a copy of your pictures. You can take this card out and stick it in your laptop if you want to load your pictures onto. The one thing that I do dislike about the camera is the flash I turn it off and some kind of way it always turns itself back on. The camera has small detection feature and you can edit your videos into a slide show its a really neat camera that I don't play around with nearly enough. You can locked your photos with makes it harder for you to accidentally delete them.

Chattanooga, TN


GE - W1200 Digital Camera

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