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GE Top Load Washer GTWN4450MWS

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Fun to do laundry, lot more choices of settings.


I purchased the model with the smart dispenser. I love this feature. The only problem I have is that it twist the legs of jeans around and around and twice dirt has stayed in the twists. Cleaning Time This machine does not speed up the washing time. It usually takes longer. I have not used all of the settings yet, you will need to keep the direction handy. Performance At the end of the cycle the chime is quite soft, I usually don't hear it. Them machine also is not quiet but it is not any nosier than my old one. Ease of Use I do wish it would give me a few more combination choices. Design I would like to have the option to lock the panel. My grandkids occasionally get on top and play with the buttons. It would be easy for them to start the machine. I have had to readjust the load as it will get lopsided easily. The machine stops spinning when this happens. Durability So far have not had any repairs. I was told that if they had to repair the same thing twice they would just replace the machine the next time.


Cherokee, IA




Consumer Reports notes that this machine is essentially similar to the GTWN4450. We purchased the 4250 type to replace a Whirlpool unit that was unsatisfactory. The mystery here is that Consumer Reports had the Whirlpool rated as a "Best Buy" whereas the GE was not even given a "Recommended" rating and was way down in their ranking tables. Even so, we liked the GE unit better in all important respects. Energy Efficiency The unit is rated as a HE machine and we see no reason to doubt this given observed water use and typical cycle times for different loads. Cleaning Time We found cleaning times to be relatively short consistent with good cleaning performance. A big boon is that one is not restricted to use of HE cleaning products. Performance In all respects, we like what we are seeing from this machine. Clothes are cleaned to the satisfaction of a very exacting judge...my wife. Yet the machine is quiet even when spin drying and there is hardly any vibration. There is very little tendency to tangle or beat up the clothes. Ease of Use GE could simplify the instruction manual that is generic rather than specific to the machine. Even so, not a major problem and we have had no reason to call GE for help. Controls are simple and logical. Design Appearance design is not as "sexy" as some other brands but we were looking for function. Layout and provided controls should suit most users. We did feel that looking at the back of the machine might indicate some corner cutting compared to other units we looked at. Durability It is a litttle early to judge but published evaluations indicate GE models may be more repair prone than others but not by a terribly significant margin


Macon, GA


GE Top Load Washer GTWN4450MWS

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