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Top Load Washers
GE Top Load Washer

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MANY Problems-HELP I am flooding the basement time for a pro


#1. The machine went off balance many times and danced across the floor, #2. the drum has pitted holes around the holes, from? #3. The spin cycle left clothes wet and heavy, I tried running the spin cycle a 2nd time to help ring out the excess water. #4. The water level fill will not stop filling unless I manually shut off, unplug, or switch the machine to the spin cycle... Cleaning Time normal Performance clothes never seemed clean and they would get wrapped around the center post and stretched

Elkton, MD


Good price, gets the job done.


This is no frills washer that gets the job done every time. It is very easy to use, the instructions are even printed on the lid. It has a few different settings, but nothing too fancy to get you all confused. I have this washer in my home and I have been using it for several years with no problems. It holds a decent amount of laundry, it has never ruined any clothing, and gets out the smells and stains with just the cheap detergent. You are supposed to use liquid detergent with this washer and I always do and have good results. The only reason I am not giving it five stars is because a few of my husband's very stinky things have come out with a still stinky smell, however, it may be that I need a different detergent. Also, anything with straps like a bra or tank top has a tendancy to get wrapped around the center washing elelment. This problem has since been solved by putting those things in a mesh bag. I also have the matching dryer and it is good too.

Phoenix, AZ


Cleans Well!!!!


I have been using the GE Model WCSR2090G5WW Washer for a little under a year now and I have really enjoyed it. It gently cleans my clothes without fading them. It's very easy to operate; there are only three knobs on the control panel: load size, temperature, and start. No complicated buttons and knobs here; this washing machine is basically fool proof!!!! This washing machine has a capacity ranging from small to extra large. The extra large capacity is big enough to fit a queen-size or king-size comforter easily. There is little risk of overfilling this washing machine. Despite being very powerful, it is surprisingly gentle on clothes. Clothes don't tear, rip, snag, or pill with this washer. The liquid bleach funnel keeps your clothes from being ruined by diluting the bleach as the water fills into the washer. I also like the fact that the water essentially pours into the wash basket. This helps reduce the total washing time. There are nine clothes care cycles, ranging from extra light to light, and two wash speed combos available for each load. You really can't go wrong with this washer!!!!

Hoover, AL


GE Top Load Washer

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