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Top Load Washers
GE Top Load Washer

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Does not get clothes clean


I used this washer while renting my apartment. I know exactly why the landlord bought it, because it's inexpensive and increases the value of the apartment. I was the first tenant to use it and used it for about two years. The washer itself had multiple problems and I often had to call my landlord to come to have it repaired. I did not use it heavily, since I was living by myself at the time, but still belts and lines managed to break somehow. It also did not clean clothes very well. If there was any type of stain on my clothes I needed to either pre-treat it or wash it again by hand after the cycle. This thing was not good at getting out even the easiest stains. The wash cycles also take a long time and used a ton of unnecessary water. This thing is not economical or environmentally friendly. Never ever would I go out and intentionally buy this thing. In my opinion it is a huge waste of money and you are better off saving up your money to buy something that actual works. Save your self the time and money and don't buy this.



This washer saves me time and money.


The GE Hydrowave technology uses less water to clean laundry just as well as those traditional washers we have all used in the past. This particular washer was not my first choice. I was in the market for a new front loading washer/dryer set when I stumbled upon this particular model and its matching dryer. The quality was very much comparable to the features of a front loading washer, but it was significantly less expensive than even the cheapest brand front loading washer on the market. I purchased an extended warranty on this particular washer but have not had any issue with it in the 11 months that I have owned it. The settings are easy to use and the drum easily holds my queen size comforter. The washer is very quiet and has not once gotten off balance and began to shake or make loud noises as previous washers I have had did. With three children and a very dirty husband, I have no issue getting everyone's clothes smelling fresh and stain free with the Hydrowave HE Washer. I would definitely recommend this item to friends and family.

Columbia, SC


This GE Washer was a mistake


I bought this washer  brand new as a set a year ago. The only good thing about this washer is that it is very quite, and it works better then the dryer.  It does not clean very well. If the clothes have stains, you'll need to wash twice. It also takes over an hour for the wash to complete. About two hours in the dryer. All together around 3 hours for one load! It takes way to much time. It took only a couple months for the inside of the lid to start rusting. When you are loading the washer with the tub filling and take more then five minutes doing so the whole tub drains it's self. I wish I had never bought this set

Reeseville, WI


GE Top Load Washer

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