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169045 / 169046
GE Toaster Oven

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An average toaster with some problems


Borrowed this from a relative while going with a stove for a week. It's decent, but there are better toaster ovens out there. It does a good job evenly heating the food that you put in it. So that you don't end up with a pizza with one half burnt and another half almost done. But it is a pretty shoddy product with safety. As it can be a pain to grab some kinds of foods(rolls, toast) out of it, as you can get burned easily. It's also kinda small compared to other toast ovens, as the over part is pretty small. Also due to the size, it can be a pain to clean. as it's hard to clean the corners in the oven due to it's size. But I guess for the price, you get what you pay for.

Dayton, OH


Does the job, but not the best.


The General Electric Toaster Oven Model: 169045-169046 is a fairly good one. I enjoy being able to heat things up or cook single meals in it without needing to use the oven (which can get fairly expensive). It does a good job of cooking things like french fries or frozen chicken nuggets much faster than the oven can do. I also use it often for re-heating left overs and it does a great job. This particular model has a few draw backs, however. The unit gets extremely hot to the touch and sometimes you will burn yourself trying to retreive your food, also it has gotten hot enough to melt off its own knob, i now must use a butter knife to control the time. Also the tray gets dirty very fast and is quite difficult to clean, even with heavy cleansers, i usually just wrap it with foil when i use it. But overall, for the price, it does what i need and does it well, but it could be better. GE website for this product: Safety I have occasionally burned a finger when attempting to retrieve some food. Durability The time knob melted and fell off.

Philadelphia, PA


GE Toaster Oven

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