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GE Super Capacity Plus Washers

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This is a HORRIBLE washing machine! Unreliable piece of junk!!!


the first one we purchased did not work the day we brought it home, so we immediately returned it for another one that appeared to work fine in the beginning.  I actually really liked this machine the first year we owned it....then everything went bad.  Before the washing machine was 3 years old we replaced the pump twice.  It has flooded several rooms of our house 4 times, and routinely stops mid cycle.  For some odd reason this washing machine overfills itself 2-3 times a year...it just keeps filling and filling and filling until we turn off the water supply line behind the machine.  The first time this happened we thought that maybe our 17 yr old who started the load did something horribly wrong because the next several loads we did worked fine.  As a caution we never started a load of wash ever again when we were going to be leaving the house or going to sleep.  Then several months later it happened again, then the next year it happened again, and again.   After this machine kept overfilling to flood our laundry room, hall, and dinning room while I was alone trying to get our very fussy nearly 1 yr old twins morning diaper changes, bottles, and breakfast I told my husband that there was no way I was ever going to put another load of laundry in it ever again!  I don't know why we didn't get a new one the first time it happened (except that money was a little tight then). After the first year it also started to occasionally stop in the middle of a load which wasn't that big of a deal because all we had to do was push the start button and it would resume right away.  But when I didn't notice that it stopped mid load and our older daughters needed sports uniforms cleaned for a high school soccer game ASAP it was a very big deal!  It eventually started stopping mid cycle multiple times on the same load, sometimes I would have to restart one load 3-4 times to get it to finish.  After the first year the problems we had occured very rarely, then more and more often.  This machine is a completely unreliable piece of junk.  If you own one of these make sure you also have a good wet/dry shop vac and don't wash clothes in it when you are not home! BTW we are a large active family and I wash 2-3 loads of laundry a day.  I only write reviews for products when I am over happy or overly angry about my purchase...this is the first 'angry' review I've ever written.

Lansing, KS


The GE Super Capacity Plus Washer is a godsend!!!


The GE Super Capacity Plus Washer is truly a godsend. It is so quiet that I can wash my newborn's clothes and he doesn't flinch when the cycles change. The extra and heavily soiled cycles don't require any pre-soaking for baby clothes, even muddy stains in changing cloths. It is also great for getting odors like cigarette smoke out of heavy weight denim even using fragrance free detergent!!!

Atlanta, GA


GE Super Capacity Plus Washers

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