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GE Super Capacity Electric Dryer

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GE Super Capacity Electric Dryer helps cut laundry time in half!


My GE Super Capacity Electric Dryer has been a huge help. It dries my clothes quickly and since it's capable of drying so many more articles of clothing at a time than an average clothes dryer it saves so much valuable time! And it doesn't take up any extra space. It's perfect for larger families or anyone interested in saving time. Load Capacity The capacity of this dryer is about 3 normal loads in my old dryer. So it easily cuts my laundry time in half. Performance This dryer dries clothes very quickly. My old dryer could take nearly an hour per load. That certainly isn't true anymore! Ease of Use I would say any clothes dryer would be easy to use. This unit is no different. Push a button and go. Durability This dryer seems to be very durable. I can't think of anything that would damage it with normal use. Design I love the design of this dryer. It has a sleek up to date look. It actually makes my laundry room look nicer. I couldn't say that about my old clunky looking dryer.


Canton, OH


it's a good investment


The difference between washers and dryers? Dryers last forever with good maintenance. Which is a good thing since dryers never seem to have a tax rebate or incentive that washers seem to have. I've had my GE Super Capacity Electric Dryer for years now and am very pleased with my purchase. This dryer works well, works quickly and has a lot of bells and whistles. I usually just do the timed dry and that works well for me. But there are so many other options available. I also love that this dryer works quickly. With my high efficiency washer the clothes are practically dry when I put them into my GE Super Capacity Electric Dryer. My clothes are dry as can be within about 20 minutes. I also enjoy the fact that this dryer is able to dry large amounts of clothing at one time. I have a high capacity washer so it works perfectly together. Instead of two loads I can do one load and buy myself some extra time during the day.


Banks, OR


Large, luxurious, simple yet complexly designed dryer


I enjoy the use of the GE super capacity electric dryer, this model allows for an assortment of setting and sizes per customer choice at the time of each load of laundry performed Load Capacity The dryer allows for any item in the average home to be dried as long as that person has the washer to do the same. Large items such as comforters or sleeping bags fit perfectly in the dryer Performance If you mention the time per load once it enters the dryer it seems to out rank many dryer's it's size in my opinion. With this dryer there won't be many times when you have to worry about your clothes being torn or everything being dried and risking mold. Ease of Use The GE is very easy to use and understand how to use and change settings. Once the door is shut with a few simple clicks and turns all settings can be adjusted based on what items are being dried or fabrics you wish to maintain. Durability This model is a very long lasting item and can withstand much abuse by the user when it comes to how many loads you wish to dry each day or over the period of the life of the unit. Design I enjoy the multi functioning setting it allows and the ease of use. The window allowing the user to watch clothes is also nice.




Great dryer! Dries quickly and efficiently.


We have owned this dryer a year now and I have been very happy with it. I especially like the sensor drying feature so you are not wasting energy drying when the clothes are already done. Only on a few occasions have the clothes been damp. I also noticed that the dryer seems to detach much of the pet hair that seems to get on our clothes. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a dryer. Load Capacity Holds at least a set of king sized sheets and a few towels. Performance No complaints. Ease of Use Love the easy to turn dial and push button start. Durability Have not had any issues in the year we have had it. Design Beautiful!




Summarize this product in one sentence.


we've had ours for less than a year and had to call to have parts replaced already. Venting issues caused the "mother boards" go bad. We were out the dryer for 2 weeks while the problem was resolved. Also the lightbulb went out and its hard to find one that is for this model. But overall we are satisfied, once the problem was fixed the dryer seams to be working better than new. Load Capacity you can dry a queen size comforter just fine. Performance after initial problems were fixed, dryer works great. Ease of Use put it in turn it on..... it remembers your favorite settings. Design when we use this as a stacked unit on the washing machine....... its hard for me (5'2") to reach the power button....... they sure didn't think of us short people when making the controls.


Tucson, AZ


I like doing laundry again with my new GE Super Capacity Dryer!


Our new dryer is actually the GE 7.0 cu. ft. Super Capacity Electric Dryer in White GFDN100ELWW.  However, reading the details there is no difference between the two model numbers.  My dryer was actually only delivered this morning but I have already completed all the laundry in the house and started looking for more... our last dryer drum was stripped and made a horrible noise each time it was used.  However, with 10 people in the house we had to use something, and the clothesline was out of the question in winter snows.  We ordered this new dryer when it looked like the old one was on its last legs (low end GE but heavily used and survived several moves- non reparable).  Right now I am loving how fast it has dried my large family's loads of clothes. I've completed 3 loads of laundry since it was delivered and am finishing up one more.  The sensor so far has been very accurate and drying time has been adjusted through each load.  I love the estimated time left.  I like the options with the different cycles.  It looks great, and is entertaining to the kids to be able to see the clothes as they dry.  (great for those traumatic times when a favorite blanket or friend is washed...). There are many different cycles including an extended tumble option so your clothes don't wrinkle.  It reminds you to clean the lint trap.  There is an all cotton cycle, a mixed items cycle, plus timed dry or quick dry for small loads or just one or two items to get done quickly.  There is also the timed option.  You can also customize the heat level and the dryness.  I have not tried them all yet. We have had great experiences with GE but have learned not to buy the lowest end model because it isn't made to withstand the work we will put it through. Laundry is never "fun" but this sure makes it easier! 


Kansas City, MO


GE Super Capacity Electric Dryer

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