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GE Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher - GDT580SSFSS

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Great new dishwasher


My husband and I bought a house with a really old dishwasher so we decided to upgrade to this GE model. So far we absolutely love it, and we've had it for 3 months now. Noise Level This is a very quiet dishwasher. You can barely hear it running, even when you are in the same room. Cleaning Time It does not take a long time to run, it is fairly quick. Loading Flexibility There are many different ways you could load dishes. Different sizes of prongs, and many holders for silverware. You can open and close lids as well to load things different ways. Performance So far we have had very few items come out of the dishwasher that aren't perfectly clean. Overall, everything comes out sparkly and shiny! Design It's a very attractive dishwasher, and the stainless steel on the inside comes clean and is shiny after every wash. Durability So far we find that our dishwasher is durable, and haven't had any damage or issues with it. However we've only owned it 3 months, so I can't say how long that will last.



Leaves much to be desired and that's not just food scraps


Less than two months old and we've had two service calls waiting for the third that was a no-show today. The door won't close without multiple attempts and various words of unchristian tone. The cleaning is average and certainly not outstanding. It is quiet. The stainless steel cabinet is very nice. It looks nice. The cycles are painfully long ranging from 75 minutes for the light cycle to 175 minutes for the normal cycle with Heat boost. The local independent dealer had nothing but raves about it. We are raving also but not the same kind of race that they had during the dog and pony show. They are working with GE but efforts have been marginal with no results thus far. We're waiting to have the door replaced, A new Control Panel and new hinges as well as possible plastic latch closure parts. Basically a multi-purpose transplant. The latch design is obviously defective. This is a new model and we are the beta product guinea pigs. This replaced an 18-year-old Maytag that still worked but was a bit noisy, admittedly. This one is much quieter and the stainless steel tub is nice but that's all the positives we can give it. We're not happy campers. We would not buy another GE dishwasher nor would we purchase from this appliance Center. The other new appliances from the same appliance Center are also giving us a fit but they aren't GE. Noise Level Much quieter than the Maytag product but the pump resonates through the house when we turn it on in the evening. It seems to pump and wash forever. Cleaning Time 9 refers to the inordinate amount of time it takes. How can this be energy efficient when it takes 175 minutes for a normal wash! Loading Flexibility 7 refers to fairly significant space but the positioning of various glasses cups plates saucers etc. is very awkward and they don't really fit anything. The spaces are far too generic and things tend to rattle around. The graphite coated rack is extremely light (? Flimsy) but we won't have to worry about underlying steel rusting like we did with the Maytag rack) Performance 8 refers to moderately good but not excellent by any means. We rinse our plates and utensils but occasionally there is still food adhering to them. Rarely happened with the Maytag and it was 18 years old. Design Very nice design. Attractive. Controls are functional. Wish the door would easily close/latch, wish the utensils would be sparkling clean every time, and I wish the cycles didn't take forever and a day to run Durability How can you judge durability when it's a new product and it still isn't working as designed! Inappropriate question for a new dishwasher, of course



GE Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher - GDT580SSFSS

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