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GE Spectra Freestanding Electric Range

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Overall a great oven


This oven came with the house my family bought, and I am quite fond of it. Temperature Control The temperature control is fair, as far as I can tell, though it can take a bit for the stovetop to heat up. I love the electronic display for the oven temperature. Ensures you get the right temperature every time you use it. Heat Distribution The heat distribution is fair, though the center coils obviously are hotter than those in the outer rings. Durability It's lasted us years, and it lasted the previous homeowners quite a while as well. So far we've never had a problem with it. No malfunctions or breaks. Design I quite like the design. Crisp, clean, and modern. The only qualm I have is with the stovetop design. For some reason, it took quite a bit of getting used to this stove's dials. Frequently I would turn the wrong dial by mistake. Ease of Cleaning Any grime comes off with a wet paper towel. The stovetop itself can be a bit tricker when it comes to cleaning the coils and the "bowel" it sets in. However, the design makes it as easy as it can be by making the parts easily accessible.



GE Spectra Electric Range


When we purchased this GE Electric Spectra Range I was not sure if I wanted one with the Ceramic top.  I had heard all sorts of horror stories from breaking the top by dropping something on it, burned on food, scratching it, etc. but I decided to take a chance.  I LOVE THE TOP.  My top is Black with white specks.  With other ranges I always had trouble with keeping the top looking good.  Not this Range. it always looks nice. My one complaint would be the oven.  I broil a lot of meats, etc. and this oven seems to cycle on and off too much. I want my broiler unit to stay on until I turn it off but this one does not. I understand the oven cycling on and off due to the temperature control but not the broiler.  Even with this small problem I still would recommend this GE Electric Spectra Range to anyone wanting a range with a Ceramic top.  The top is so care free and spills clean up fast but you do have to have a special clean which is not expensive. Temperature Control Over cycles on and off and takes a very long time to cook. Heat Distribution Fair Durability Loe my solid top. Design Design look fine. Ease of Cleaning Solid top is very easy to clean.

Summerville, GA


Love a good gas range


I have this range at my house and I just absolutely love it. It is so easy to clean, it heats up so fast I really like it. I've had it for several years and I haven't have any problems with it. I like that the range has different sizes of burners for different size pots and pans. It's very convenient. The smaller burner doesn't heat up as well as I'd like it to but maybe I'm just expecting it to work just like the big burner. The oven and the broiler work perfectly fine. I neve would've thought about this before but now that I have a baby at home I do wish that the knobs were on top so the baby couldn't reach them. A couple of times my baby has turned up the heat or just completely turned it off.

Saint George, UT


A good oven


This oven has been a very good oven for me, no it is not a convection, but it gets the job done. I have the 79 which is the newer model, but I am sure it does the same thing. I have had absolutely no problems with this oven. It heats up fast with a beep that signals its being ready. It comes in a varity of colors, white, black and silver. The top burners will get food burned onto them if you do not clean it. But if you keep a tidy kitchen you should have no problem. I also enjoy it lets me chose different size burners. There is a little switch on the top that lets you turn a little burner into a big one. This lets you multitask your food projects as you need to. I really like this oven/ stove it does a good job. Oh it boils in about 10 minutes which I think is pretty good compaired to how much the 5 minute ones cost. Over all a good stove!

Glendale, AZ


GE Spectra Freestanding Electric Range

4.5 4