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GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven JVM1331WW

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Great reliable microwave


I have this GE microwave for around fourteen years now. It is a very good and reliable piece of equipment. I have this wall mounted above my GE stove. It has 2 fans and two lights built into the bottom of the microwave. I turn on the fans while cooking to suck out the dirt and oil from the boiling and frying of the food. Overtime, the filters beneath the fans will accumulate a deep layer of sticky oil. Fortunately, they are removable and replaceable. The touch keypads are located on the right side of the microwave. They are very responsive to your touch. The display is built on top of the keypad where it displays the status of your food and time left before the food is ready. When the food is ready, the microwave will beep. Inside the microwave, there is a rectangular removable glass tray. Basically, you put the food on top of the tray. The tray does not rotate like some other microwaves do. I usually heat my food for around 3 minutes and they become hot enough for me. It makes pretty good popcorn too. There is also a defrost function where it suppose to defrost meat and some other food. It works pretty well too.

New York, NY


just average - nothing special


we have had our ge spacemaker microwave oven for 7 years now and haven't had any problems outside the babysitter catching a bag of microwave popcorn on fire in there.  Yes, and it still works.  It is yellow inside, and stunk up the entire house for months but it works fine so i cleaned it up and kept it.   This microwave is easy enough for my 9 year old daughter to use, and powerful enough for me to cook an entire dinner in it.  The thing I like are;  It has a shelf inside that is removeable, cooks food throughly and quickly, easy to clean, has a vent, 30 second cook button, defrost cycle, merry go round tray in the middle, popcorn cycle, looks good, and it was not crazy expensive like some of the brands that we looked at.  the things i don't like are;  the merry go round tray sometimes gets in the way, its not really large, the vent screen is expensive, it dosen't close easy (you really have to almost slam it), and the beep is not very loud.  If I had to do it all again I woulld probabally still buy this microwave. 

Toledo, OH


GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven JVM1331WW

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