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GE Spacemaker Microwave

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You will probably still encounter this in a rental.


GE's over the range Spacemaker microwave model JVM1630 is discontinued, but there is a good chance you will still find yourself using one if you move into a rental unit, or possibly into a house that's been on the market for a while. This was a popular model with realtors while it was being manufactured. It looks very nice and can fit just about any decor. Let it be known that realtors don't buy appliances for maximum functionality. They buy appliances for maximum walk-through appeal. This microwave has issues with the programming. Mine could not be programmed for any other power level except high. When you open and close the door, it sounds like someone dropped a hammer on the floor it's that loud. And then when our power went out and we had to flip the breakers, this microwave never recovered from that incident. We had to bust out the high watt Panasonic from storage. Nice microwave that Panasonic and I'm glad we had it, but it does take up a lot of real estate on the kitchen counter. While the JVM1630 worked, it was nice enough for a quick lunch or some popcorn, but it wasn't ever really a high performing machine. If you find your new-old house has this thing installed, you might want to consider replacing it.

Tampa, FL


GE Spacesaver JVM 1630 Can't live without it!


I find that I use my GE Spacesaver micowave several times a day. It has all the bells and whistles that you could ever want in a micowave. You can cook or reheat food in a flash. I have found that it cooks much faster than what the instructions on the food products recommend. You can touch the number one through six and it will automaticly cook for that lenght of time or you can set it for time cook for the amount of time you need the item to cook. It has buttons for defrosting by weight or time, 3 different sizes of popcorn, reminder timer, heating beverages, reheat, light, fan, power level, time cook, delay start, clock, timer. It also has a two speed exhaust fan as well as a light that lights the top of your stove below it. It also has a rotating glass plate inside that can be removed for easy cleaning. I would purchase the GE Spacesaver microwave again.

Bloomington, IN


GE Spacemaker Microwave

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