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GE Spacemaker Gas Laundry Center GTUN275GMWW


GE GTUN275GMWW 27" Gas Laundry Center with 5.9 cu. ft. Dryer, 3.4 cu. ft. Washer, 9 Wash Cycles, 4 Dry Cycles, Auto-Load Sensing and Cycle Status Lights

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Broke after 15 months. Bearing. Cost to fix $850.


Apparently this is a common (fatal) problem as the cost to fix is almost the purchase price.

San Francisco, California


Awesome for Tiny Spaces!


I had this awesome washer/dryer combo in my first apartment and I loved it! Just loved it! I was thrilled to discover that my tiny, hotel room sized apartment had washer/dryer hookups but the only issue was finding a washer and dryer that would fit the area. I had a 600 square foot apartment and they had to fit in a closet. After an exhaustive search I finally discovered the GE Spacemaker and had it installed. It was the best purchase ever! Being able to just walk over and do a load of laundry and dry it in my own apartment instead of having to go down to the creepy laundry room was awesome! The convenience is worth each and every penny I spent on it. This is rather small, it is apartment sized after all, but it is very powerful and does a great job of both washing and drying. You can't do huge loads in it but it is great for laundry for one or two people, or even a small family if you do small loads more often. After I moved from that apartment I moved this into my grandparents's mobile home and it just barely fit in the corner of their kitchen but it did fit and it was wonderful for them not to have to take their laundry to the laundromat anymore! If you have a tiny space and want a washer and dryer this is the one to get. It's convenient and powerful and ultra small. I really cannot recommend it enough!

Vernon Rockville, CT


Excellent for small spaces


I live in a small, 1 bed room apartment in a large metropolitan city. I decided I wanted to live in an apartment with a washer and dryer for safety, convenience, and not having to shell out money each week. If you are trying to save money on water by washing it in a laundry mat, don't. I don't notice much extra out of my water bill for doing laundry. When I moved into the apartment, this washer and dryer were already in there. For a washer in a small apartment, there is surprisingly lots of room for a load of laundry. I can usually wash a set of sheets, one large towel, and one small towel. I have never had any issues with the washer leaking or repairs needed ('ve lived here almost 3 years), and I am impressed with the washers cycle to get it clean. The washer has options for a small, medium or large load, as well as hot, warm, and cold water temperature. There are options for regular, perm press, and delicate washes. The dryer is great- easy to clean lint filter, and several options on time the dryer will run. The only downside to this washer and dryer set is the noise. Worth it for the money!



The GE Spacemaker is a stacked washer dryer.


I recently had to replace a stacked washer dryer at my rental property. The tenants had been having a lot of problems with the previous brand. Water was coming out of the machine and you had to make small loads. The drying time was also poor. Since switching to the GE Spacemaker they have been thrilled. The ease of use, drying time, load capacity, etc. have all improved greatly. My tenants are happy and I am happy. I highly recommend this washer dryer.



GE Spacemaker Gas Laundry Center GTUN275GMWW

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