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GE Slide-In Gas Range

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Don't buy this range!


GE Range - Gas on Glass Slide-in white  PGS968TEMWW I am so disappointed with the range and feel stuck with a poorly designed and dangerous product. The cook-top was described as 1 piece glass, easy to clean. In fact it is 2 pieces with impossible to clean crevices.  The surface becomes dangerously hot after only few minutes of use. The unit releases so much hot air that it is uncomfortable to stand by when in use and literally heats my entire house. The surface and vent are not easy to clean. They must be allowed to cool and the debris hardens. The broiler spews an unbelievable amount of grease over the top of the range. (As yet I have only used it for 15 mins. I would not dare roast a turkey) Last, but certainly not least, while  cleaning the glass cook-top last night my finger was slashed on the hidden, sharp bottom edge of the round burner cover.  All of these things are not anything I could possibly know before use. I purchased this range to replace a 19 year old Magic Chef which had the same features and control pad including the top vent. These problems were never an issue.

Staten Island, NY


GE Gas Range is great


I have had my Ge gas range for four years now. This stove came with my house when we bought it and I have to say it has not given us any problems at all. It is very easy to use and cleans up fairly easy. I do not like the broiler is on the bottom of the unit but since it came with the house and it was new why replace it. We have only had to light the pilot on the oven once and since the burners are electric start it makes cooking very nice. The burners cook evenly. The over is right on with the temp you set it at. Both oven racks are easy to take in and out and I just take them out side and use the power washer to clean them. This stove comes in different colors and it is a fairly cheap stove that will last a long time. I would have to say that if I every have to replace it I will get another GE gas stove. I would like to one day get one that has more burners this one comes with four but I would like one that comes with five burners on it. I am a person that loves to cook and when the holidays come the more I can cook at the same time the happier I am.

Humble, TX


Will Do The Job


This range was already installed in our home when we bought it so we did not want to buy a new range for no reason. However, I quickly learned this is about the most basic model oven and stovetop you can get. I've never had a fancy range so my expectations aren't high but this tends to be lacking in the basics. The oven does not have a preheat option where it notifies you with a beep or something when it's preheated. The broiler is on the very bottom which means there's no storage under the oven. Having the broiler down there has been really REALLY annoying. You literally have to get on the floor to put things in or get things out of the broiler. The stovetop is much better. It's easy to clean and cooks well. Overall, this range is good enough if you're cheap like me but I think GE should be a little embarassed about this model.

Pleasant Grove, UT


Very Nice Gas Range


I love the look of this range, the glass top is really niceand looks great with our Zodiac Countertops. So far it has been very easy to use, all the controls are centrally located and when I need to see how to do something the manual is nicely organized. I purchased this model because I wanted a convection oven with a gas cook-top but didn't have 240 wiring available (therefore I couldn't do duel fuel) so opted to do the gas convection using 120 wiring. This was the only range that I could find with good consumer ratings that offered gas convection. The convection works great, even the chicken comes out moist. I have only two things that I wish were different. The grates are grey porcelain, I would have preferred black cast iron as over time the porcelain gets hard to clean. The cook top is high at 38" and I am short at 5'2", reaching the back burners is a stretch for me.On another web site a person complained that the top was hard to clean but so far this has not been the case for me. I did treat the top before I used it with the special cleaner as recommended in the manual and maybe this is why it has done so well for me. The same person also complained that the oven vent was in a bad location, but I've had the vent in the front of the oven right where you open the oven door so the top location is an improvement. She also complained that the oven vent spewed out a yellow ring but I have not encountered this problem.

Eureka, CA


GE Slide-In Gas Range

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