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GE Slide-In Electric Range

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it is awesome


it is very awesome

Alexandria Egypt


Beautiful - until you use it.


This appliance had some great features and certainly some eye-appeal, but what a mistake it was to actually use it. After the first time I sauteed onions, I noticed little white spots all over the black glass cook top. The pitting is permanent, I learned, and GE doesn't care one bit. The Tri-ring element (one burner, 3 different diameters) is very cool - too cool, in fact - it takes forever to heat up. After the cooking is done, the burners take forever to cool down, which is essential before cleaning, a task required EVERY time the cook-top used. Using the cream product supplied with the range is only the first step: a single-edge razor for the burned on food, followed by a glass cleaner to get the cook-top clean without streaks - and THEN a fancy microfiber cloth and stainless steel cleaner for the exterior surfaces - and you'd best be careful how you wipe or you'll still have streaks. Oh, not cooking today? well, you'll have to clean the stainless (stain-MORE) anyway, because it's showing fingerprints and smudges. The oven touch pad is wicked tricky. It has a useful "lock" feature, that has to be disabled if you need to use the oven, kitchen timer or the warming zone on the cook-top. My husband has yet to figure it out - and he's an engineer. I have used the convection oven exactly once, out of several attempts; the touch pad does not always respond they way one expects, even with owner's manual in hand. It always takes several attempts to get the oven to go on. Once the oven is on (who can keep track of all the settings?), the touch pad shows the oven temperature as it pre-heats - a very nice feature. The probe is a great feature, though one has to guess at how much cooking time is left, making the last-minute items difficult to schedule. Buyers beware: GE no longer includes a broiler pan with their ranges. Convection oven features: any time saved using the convection oven is eliminated when one includes finding and reading the manual and getting the touchpad to work. I haven't the life span to figure out many more of the features - I'm over 60 years old, after all. Temperature Control Only the left-front burner heats up quickly, but they all stay real hot after they are turned off. Oven, too. I sure miss the gas range I had in a previous life. Heat Distribution The Tri-Ring element is a great feature, but takes quite awhile to heat up. Durability The glass cook-top is very fragile - it pitted the first time it was used, and I'd hate to drop accidentally anything heavier than a paper towel on it. It is also difficult to clean effectively. The stainless steel is AWFUL to keep clean. Design The range is beautiful, with the controls on the front. It was a big mistake to buy stainless steel, however, as it ALWAYS looks smudged and streaky - and there aren't even any children in this home. Ease of Cleaning The glass cook-top is quite difficult to keep clean, and I WILL NEVER BUY STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES AGAIN.



Don't buy it.


I bought a house with the range already in it. not even 6 months into ownership and the door randomly imploded. Ge charged me 150 bucks to replace the glass in the door. Range is less than 5 years old. It took them a week between me calling them and them actually arriving. They said it happens. I have yet to find someone who said their door randomly imploded. The internet said it happens sometimes when heating and cooling, but not randomly. I will NOT be buying a GE range EVER.

Fort Myers, FL


GE Slide-In Electric Range

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