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GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator GSHL5KGXLS

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GE refrigerator quality is high space not well divided


I expected more from this GE side by side refrigerator. I am a GE appliance fan and this is the one appliance I do not praise. Its design is beautiful and performs well, however the main feature on a large family refrigerator is the capacity, The shelving is not well divided and it makes the fridge looks cluttered. The drawer is too small for this type of refrigerator. Other options are out there, even from the same brand.

Kissimmee, FL


does what it is intended to do.


This refrigerator does what it is intended to do. If I were in the market to purchase a refrigerator, I am not sure I would spend my money on this one, however. The shelving has some flaws. I think if they were wider and not so deep it would be better. Also, the meat tray continues to fall out when it gets full. This is my biggest complaint with this refrigerator. I purchase alot of lunch meat and cheeses. This tray seems to be smaller than the shelf it is contected to. So when you fill it up and pull it out the tray falls onto the shelf you have underneath. I think if the tray was either a inch larger or better designed this would not happen. The best part about this refrigerator is the shelves on the door. I love their depth and adjustibility.

Midlothian, VA


Icemaker often stops working


I have owned this refrigerator/freezer for a little less than 4 years now and mostly it works just fine. The storage in the fridge is very nice and is easy to find items in the fridge without them getting too lost.  One of the main reasons we purchased this fridge was we wanted the stainless look without all the fingerprints and I think it performs fair to poor plus on the fingerprints. Granted, I have two toddlers who often have grimy hands. My biggest gripe about this is the icemaker-about once every two-three months the place where the ice is made gets frozen with ice stuck on and won't come off and we don't typically notice until we are completely out of ice. We have to remove the ice bucket and take a knife and chisel it off. Some other perks about this is it tells you the temperature of the fridge and freezer and has an alarm that you can turn off/on when the door has been open for too long. It also notifies you when it's time to replace your filter. Overall, I would give this a C rating and don't think I would necessarily recommend it to others.

Louisville, KY


GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator GSHL5KGXLS

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