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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Amazing Refrigerator!


I love this refrigerator! I has so much space in both fridge and freezer sections! The in the door shelves are all adjustable so you can move them to suit your needs. The drawers are spacious and hold plenty of fruits & veggies. It is very easy to clean and maintain as well. All the drawers and shelves pop out and they come clean quite easily. I can easily fit two weeks worth of groceries for a family of 4 into it and have room to spare. I never have problems with food in the drawers freezing, which I have had previous refrigerators do to me. I love the water and ice dispenser as well! There is always plenty of ice and the filter for the water is easy to replace. It makes our hard water taste great as well! Overall this refrigerator was very well designed, and I am very pleased with it.




So Good, I own TWO!


GE has always meant quality to me and this refrigerator does not dissapoint!  I have owned many GE products over the years but this refrigerator is so reliable and efficient that when I decided with my big family that it was time to get a second refrigerator, there was only one choice.......another of the same GE side by side we already owned!  We have a family of nine and I shop sales to get the best deals and when I do, I stock up.  This refrigerator with its many drawers and shelving options makes it possible for me to easily store all the food I buy for my family and also makes it very easy to find things as all of the drawers, shelves and lids are see through!  The glass shelves easily adjust by simply lifting up on them and then placing the supports into the desired height slots.  They are also very easy to clean as they are made of glass and disassemble and reassemble easily.  Overall my family and I are very pleased with this refrigerator and would hightly recommend it to friends.


Sarasota, FL


My GE side by side refrigerator works great


I bought my GE side by side refrigerator four years ago.  It still works great.  It is white with a vinyl surface that is very easy to clean so it still looks new.  It has a filtered water dispenser and an ice dispenser.  It has glass shelves that slide out making it very convenient to locate food on the shelves.  The freezer shelves also slide out, but they are not glass.  There is a dehydrator drawer for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh.  There is a drawer for defrosing meat that really works great because you can put meat in there and it will defrost in a couple days without worrying about it.  It has a bottom drawer in the freezer that hold a lot of meat plus the shelves in the freezer and shelves in the door which contains a lot of food.  I really like the size of it.  I had a smaller refrigerator previously and I really  like the side by side refrigerator.  Also the water dispenser and ice dispenser are very convenient.  The dispenser also has a locking feature to keep smaller children from using it.


Owatonna, MN


It's a good FIRST-TIME purchase


General Electric side-by-side refrigerator / freezer **GE GSH25JFRFWW **is a good looking refrigerator that has stainless steel doors. The door handles have not been designed for heavy usage; so, if you are single, and don't cook a lot you're safe. I'm not sure about the capacity exactly, it's anywhere from 20 to 22 cu. It's good sized for a small middle-class family with a little bit of "leftover food".  It is easy to clean, because of the sliding adjustable removable shelve and trays.  It also comes with a water filter called a "smart filter", which is the "dumbest" filter I have ever seen - especially when dealing with Oklahoma's water system. Now, for the "big talk" about the features that attract me and everyone else the most, which are: a water-dispenser, ice maker (cubed and crushed) all together in one side of the refridgerator  with a light that comes on when you use it. That's nice!.. After less than three months the ice maker stopped producing ice and the water dispenser stopped working, as well. However, the light still comes on; so, I can see there is no ice or water in my glass. Ironically, the manual's solution is "call a plumer"..! After you change the "smart-filter" of course. I didn't call a plumer but I change the smart filter with a smart one. Then unplugged it and flushed the water hose, and it worked in the next day for about another three months and then died. As usual, the light still worked. However, I can't complain too much. I bought it on sale, and truthfully, it is my first refrigerator .


Norman, OK


GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator

4.5 4