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GE Rotating Flip Waffle Maker


Make breakfast more fun with the GE Rotating Waffle Maker. This professional-quality waffle maker lets you make big, thick waffles at home. The nonstick cooking surface is easy to clean, and the compact size makes it easy to store when you're not using it. Your family will love making and eating fresh, hot waffles.

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Great waffles Poor quality


This waffle maker makes great waffles but my handle fell apart in less than a year. We love the waffles this maker makes. They are done to just the right crispness. They could be a little thicker as far as Belgian's are concerned. Performance I was very pleased with the performance of this product. The ready light is a great bonus. I have used this on multiple occasions and they are perfect every time unless it's operator error. They can be a little lacking around the edges unless you put the perfect amount of batter in the center. Settings/Features Love the flip, it make you feel like a professional Ease of Cleaning I would be nice if the plates were removable and dishwasher safe. Kind of a pain to hold the entire thing over the sink and rinse off. Ease of Use The directions are easy to understand. The waffle maker is quite simple once you do it a couple times. Durability My handle completely fell apart in less than a year. It is still usable but not as easy as when the handle worked properly.


Pikeville, TN


Okay choice for the price, but you can do better...


This is the first waffle maker I have owned, and I've only ever used more "industrial" models (i.e., hotel breakfast lobby and college dining hall), so maybe my expectations are too high, but I don't find this waffle maker to be of the highest quality. It takes quite some time to heat up and the structure surrounding the hot plates feels like it could melt at any time. With a lot of diligence you can produce edible waffles using this appliance, but overall, I don't thin it's the best. Performance If you use this waffle maker, heed the instructions and time keep you waffle for at least the recommended time (5 minutes, I think), at least at first. If you're pouring the batter for your second or third waffle - beware! The plates are hot(ish) and liable not cook your waffle evenly. Settings/Features There really are no additional settings on this waffle, there's on and there's off and it does that. You must time your waffles because there's nothing indicating how long your waffles been on and there's no indicator as to when the waffle iron is hot enough and ready to use. I know, you can tell if it's hot, that's true, but for us impatient types it certainly doesn't indicate when the iron is hot enough. Ease of Cleaning Its advertised as being oh so easy to clean because it is non-stick, but take my advice - use cooking spray! You'll never get your waffle out of there otherwise (unless you substitute salt for sugar in your waffle mix - yuck!). So I wouldn't call it particularly easy to clean, but then perhaps its as easy as it can be? At any rate, not as easy as GE would have you believe. Ease of Use I mean, it can't get any "easier" per se: you plug it in and its on. You pour your waffle batter in and close it. After some time, flip it. So sure, it's easy, but there's things that can be done that would improve the ease of use, like say some sort of timing device or maybe a light to tell you its hot enough or ready to go or something (like a curling iron). Durability I have only used my waffle iron a hand full of times, so it hasn't broken down yet - but I'm not optimistic. The feeling of it, the material and such just feels kind of cheap. When I have used it I kept checking to be sure that the structure around the hot plats wasn't warping or melting yet because it doesn't feel that durable. But in the GE waffle maker's defense, it hasn't melted or otherwise malfunctioned - yet! But the jury is still out, that 's just how I feel.




Waffles haven't come out right.


I have used this waffle maker a few times and I have used ones in hotels. This one is a lot more finicky then the ones in those hotels. It could have just been the included recipe that came in the manual that was with the waffle maker but my waffles came out all jacked up. Like when I went to flip the waffle it wouldn't spread the batter out evenly. I was pretty sure I put enough of it on their too. It would be really nice if this thing made a sound when it was done. I have read a lot of review that have mentioned that this model also has a lot of problem with the handle breaking so watch out for that as well. Performance Not sure what i need to do to get the waffles to turn out right because I was following the directions of the product. From what I can recall it said 1/2 cup of batter onto the waffle maker surface but when I did that it didn't come out right. Which had better calcification on that. Ease of Cleaning The non-stick surface is great and was easy to clean.


Rexburg, ID


Just like at the (not so) fancy hotels!


I can make waffles just like at the hotel! Or Bob Evans! :) I love the little lights on the top that tell me when my waffles are done and that I can remove the base for cleaning. Nice little device. Performance The waffles come out golden and perfect every time and are better than the toaster waffles. Settings/Features There aren't any settings, it's just make waffles or don't make waffles. Ease of Cleaning The waffle plates don't come out so you have to risk washing an electric appliance; however, they are teflon coated and come clean really easily and the base/plate/drip-catcher is removable and clean pretty easily. Ease of Use The flip thing is a little weird if you're not used to it and the folding handle sometimes folds down and makes things a little awkward, but generally it's easy to use. There's no specified amount to add of the waffle mix to the grill so a lot of times I over-estimate and have waffle goop dripping out the sides but that's my fault. Durability This thing is a little awkward to store in my little house so it gets beat about a bit and still works just fine.


Reynoldsburg, OH


GE Rotating Flip Waffle Maker

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