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GE Rice Cooker - All Models

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Great reliable product, would recommend to everyone.


This product is excellent.  If you cook rice a lot like I do, you can just set it up, set it to cook and it automatically switches to warm when it is done.  Great for entertaining or just a quiet dinner at home.  Would recommend to everyone!


Fairfax, VA


Could Not Live Without My Rice Cooker!


I absolutely love our GE Rice cooker. It makes cooking brown rice so easy. It has the exact water measurments for the amount of rice you want and it cooks rice to perfection. We have never tried it with white rice, but I suppose it works just as well. The rice cooker is convienent, easy, and the machine fits nicely in a corner nook of our kitchen counter tops, and it matches our other black applainaces. When people come over they ask me what it is because of its unique shape and when I tell them a rice cooker they are blown away. The GE rice cooker is easy to clean up. Simply take out the pan and put it into your dishwasher or wash by hand. About once a week I clean the inside of the lid and the outside of the machine to keep it looking nice and shiny. Another great think about the rice cooker is it stays on warm until you are ready to eat, so preparing rice ahead of time can be done. I give the GE rice cooker a thumbs up!!


Anderson, SC


GE Rice Cooker ~ convenient


After years of frugal shopping ideals, I finally succumbed to the voice that begged to buy a rice cooker.  Rice is a staple food in our household and I had always *wanted* to buy a rice cooker but would talk myself out of it.  Why buy a rice cooker when you can just cook your own in a pot on the stove? Well, I can say that we have loved this GE Rice Cooker.  We've had it for about 2 years now and it still works great after MANY uses; we typically cook rice at least 3-4 times a week. Offhand, I believe this cooker has the capacity to cook up to 12 cups of rice.  The most we have ever cooked at one time is 4 dry rice cups and that was almost 1/2 the capacity of the rice cooker so I am guessing that 12 cups is 12 COOKED cups??  4 cups of dry rice is a lot of rice.  For our family of 6, I usually only cook 2-3 cups (dry rice). A couple downfalls come to mind but I'm sure these are common with all rice cookers:  Where the steam comes out tends to accumulate in the top of the lid so I stuff some paper towels in there to dry it up before opening the lid.  Also, the steam coming out condenses and sputters out the top vent if you cook 4+ cups.  At that point, I make sure nothing else is around that area and place a kitchen towel down to catch most of the sputtering water/condenses steam droplets.  It's not *hard* to clean but you need to make sure that you keep around the seal clean otherwise the gunk builds up.  


Waukesha, WI


How did I ever live without this GE Rice Cooker?!!


I have been trying for a long time to switch us from minute rice to brown long grain rice for the health benefits. I couldn't cook it though! I tried every tip I could find, but it still turned out like sticky glue. I tried every kind of rice - because people kept telling me that this or that rice would work better - and they always turned out a sticky mess. I had always thought that rice cookers were a waste of money and a useless appliance that took up much needed space, but boy was I wrong. We bought this GE rice cooker out of desperation and it works like dream. I won't be without one, ever! It cooks any long grain, brown or white, organic, fancy rice I feel like cooking in 20 minutes. It always turns out fabulous. This machine has simplified my life so much. It makes me sick to think about how much money I wasted on rice before I found it. So, the moral of this story is that rice makers actually SAVE you money - unless you can find a use for the sticky paste - wallpaper??


Nauvoo, IL


The GE Rice Cooker is a must have for your household.


The GE Rice Cooker is an awesome product.  I love to make tons of rice dishes for me and my kids. I am a single mother of three and have a full-time job, and this rice cooker is so easy and fast to use. The best part is after you are done cooking in the rice cooker it is so easy to clean and put away. This cooker is a must for the mom that does not have alot of time to spend on long meals.


Belton, TX


I would recommend this to everyone. A fantastic product!


GE Rice Cooker:  The best product I have found to use in the kitchen.  I can get the rice cooked while preparing the rest of the meal and have a complete dinner within a matter of minutes.  I love this product!


Arkansas City, KS




A rice cooker is an absolute MUST have for any kitchen! This one fits the bill with a simple, easy-to-follow directions & most of all easy to remember afterward on how to use it!  As you start preparing your meal, merely measure out the rice then fill to the line inside the bowl with water to the amount of rice used.  Push a button then go get busy with the remaining items for the meal.  By the time you're done with the rest, the rice is done & staying warm.


Tamarac, FL


GE Rice Cooker - All Models

4.9 7