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Top Load Washers
GE Profile Top Load Washer

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Never Again


I have been disappointed in this machine since I bought it, but GE kept telling me it was because I wasn't using it correctly. But after diligently doing it by the book, I still can't get my clothes as clean as I did with a 20 year old washer that I had bought used and gave up for this one. Had it not been in a flood, I would still be using that clunker and getting cleaner clothes. With this one, I sometimes have to wash clothes twice because it leaves such a huge amount of link or what looks like caked on soap, making the clothes actually coming out looking dirtier than when they went in. But I use the liquid (not a powder) just like they say to use it by putting it in first. I never had this problem before. I don't have any figures that can prove it saves money or water either. I just wanted my clothes clean. Would never buy this product again.


Louisville, KY

GE Profile Top Loader Washer WPRE6100G


The Ge Profile top loader washer looks really nice on the outside.But once I washed with it I was not that happy with it.It does leave clothes wrinkled.It does use less water and it is very different.I don't think I would buy another one.I did notice it does make weird sounds.It does have five load sizes.It also has six different water temperatures.It gives you the option on different fabric softner settings.On the same dial it has three different spin cycles.On the washing dial there is easy care,handwash,delicates,casuals and cotton.On this dial there are two options to soak you laundy for fifteen minutes or thirty minutes.This is good to use if you have stained laundry.Don't let all these wonderful features fool you. Energy Efficiency Uses way less water than the old machines. Cleaning Time Very efficient cleaning time. Performance The performance is great!!! Ease of Use It is very easy to use. Design The design is great!!! Durability It is also very durable.


Brazoria, TX


Decent washer for the price


I guess I was lucky because I haven't had any problems with my washer. I love how it works. Energy Efficiency Since having this washer, my power bill has gone down some. I use well water so there is no water bill to be concerned about but I like being able to conserve water washing clothes just the same. Performance I haven't had any problems with getting my clothes clean in this washer. It does sometimes leave extra lint on the clothes and in the center section where the fabric softener goes. Ease of Use You have plenty of choices for how you want to wash your clothes. It has a big tub and can hold a pretty good size load. Easy enough to measure out detergent and you don't need to use much in this one because its an he machine. There is a place for your fabric softener if you use it and for your bleach. Just choose the settings you want and push a button to start it. Design I like the choices you have with this machine. It has anything from delicate and hand wash up to regular loads. You can choose between a regular rinse cycle with or without fabric softener, double spin cycle, double rinse and more. The towels I always double spin just to make sure they have as much water out of them as possible before putting them in the dryer. Chances are, I really don't have to do that because even a regular spin cycle seems to do the job. My dryer doesn't have to work nearly so hard as it did with my old washer. Durability I've had this washer for almost 2 years now without any problems at all.


Lula, GA


Works fine at first, never wash a full load, expect leaks.


It worked fine at first, but after two years, it leaks water and soap when you try to wash just two blankets in it. I have tried to balance it better but even when it is balanced perfectly, I still go in after it should have completed the load and find tons of water on the floor and soap suds. I then separate the load and try to re-rinse and re-spin it individually. Not worth it!




Not spinning. Tons of lint. Clothes do not get clean


Broken circuit board and lid switch. Less than 3 years old. Warranty covers circuit board but do I want to pay 75.00 plus Labor plus lid switch?? Who knows what the labor fee is?? Will never buy another GE appliance. Had a cheap Admiral for 10 years, never had a problem. Wish I'd taken it with me.




At one time, I would only buy GE; but after this, never again!


Worst washer I have ever owned. I have no confidence in this washer, even after 2 years of use. Towels in particular, do not get clean and over time, it creates an odor problem. The so called state-of-the-art cleaning system in this washer is a joke. I plan to buy another washer very soon and just throw this one away






Don't purchase Performance This washer is leaves soap on the clothes if you use powdered soap...and smells like nastiness if you use liquid soap. Yea, it might be more energy efficient...if you didn't have to wash everything twice. This is my last...absolutely appliance.


Prattville, AL


Worst Washing Machine of all time


At first I thought I had a lemon, but with all these reviews I see I did not, bought this washer in 04/10 and within a month of use, it broke, repair guy claimed the belt had to be replaced, on a BRAND NEW washer. Within another 3 or 4 months had to call someone back out to look at it because the drum wasn't spinning. They fixed that. A week later had to call them back out again, dnt even know what was wrong with it at that point. 10/11 finally died, repair guy claimed it needed a transmission, however when I called the warranty people they said he had ordered 6-7 additional parts. Needless to say they replaced it. Thank God for a warranty if not I would have been screwed. Oh and by the way, clothes did not come out clean and would come out looking the same way they went in. Energy Efficiency Saves water Cleaning Time The time is fine Performance Does not wash the clothes, wets them and spins it seems Durability Broke within the first month


Pompano Beach, FL


It was Free and I still hate it


My husband and I did not buy this washer and that's the only good thing in this review. It was provided to us free by our apartment complex. We have a washer from our home that currently is in a free storage unit provided by the apt. complex. The water level does NOT fill up enough to even wet the clothes. I have a gallon bucket that I have to fill up from my tub and lug to the washer. I usually have to add anywhere from 2-5 buckets depending on what I'm washing. That's real convenient. If I let the auto "suck" precise fill do it's job then some sort of lint type residue scum is left on all the clothes. It's digusting. There is no agitator, either. I washed a basket weave blanket on delicate and because it had no agitator to "wash around" it sat on the hump and destoyed the weave. I really hate this washer and I didn't even pay for it. I would be really ticked if I would have wasted a single dime on this piece-of-crap. I would like to take my washer out of the storage unit and put this hunk of garbage out to the curb.


Bloomsburg, PA


I HATE IT, I hate everything about it, NEVER buy the GE Profile


I HATE the GE Profile, top load,  it spins so hard the clothes come out wrinkled, you have to dry the clothes on wrinkle free (which I never dried my clothes - always hang them to dry).  You can't do that with this machine.  It has a defect in the bottom of the machine where the metal plate underneath pops up and hits the drum on the machine.  The first month it broke, had to have warranty work done, he said it was a defect in the machines and the manufacturer needs to get that problem fixed.  There is NOTHING I like about this machine, I will NEVER buy another GE product again.


Russellville, AR


GE Profile Top Load Washer

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