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GE Profile Top Freezer Refrigerator PTS18SHSSS

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I actually bought mine at a store scratch and dent sale. I got it for a ridiculously low price. I have had it 5 years and never had an issue. The inside wipes clean easily. I have kids and Grandkids, It is durable. I love the way it looks after I clean the outside too. It shines like a million bucks. I would never have any other type of refrigerator in my house now. My friends envy me. I was the first in my group to get a stainless steal one. It goes with any decor and adds a sense of sophistication to my kitchen. Since getting it, I have been adding smaller appliances to my stainless steal collection. I am telling ya, it cannot be beat. I even purchased a warranty with it just in case. I have NEVER had to use it. Cleaning the fans and motor are easy also. It has easy access to the back where you need to get to clean it. All I do is vacuum it out once a month. My old was a nightmare to do. Plus it you did not do it once a week it would pour water inside. This brand is the best KUDO'S!



Better out there for the price...


We bought the GE Profile Top Freezer Refrigerator, model PTS18SHSSS, as part of a package a big box store was offering. In hind sight, we should have gone with individual pieces, the fridge being one of the pieces we would have opted for a better model. In general, it is an ok product. We have had issues with handles, both upper and lower, constantly loosening/moving on us. The seal for the freezer is adequate at best, with the slightest interior pressure it will open. Many times we have awoke in the AM only to find the freezer had been cracked open all night. I would blame us, except this can be something like an half empty waffle box that shifts or falls and poof, open. It wouldn't happen if the interior of the freezer had a better shelf system to organize, but it is a free for all in there. I would not recommend this fridge unless it was a GREAT deal...

Carpentersville, IL


Lots of space


I have always loved this fridge. The shelves come out very easily to clean. There is tins if space. Multiple shelving configurations. The door can hold a gallon of milk. There are several drawer to help keep thinks organized. I also love that the freezer has a light so nothing gets lost.

Staunton, VA


GE Profile Top Freezer Refrigerator PTS18SHSSS

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