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General Electric
GE Profile Spacemaker II Countertop Microwave Oven PEM31DMBB

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Fantastic machine.


This microwave is great and I highly recommend it! I have had it since 2010 and not once has it messed up on me or failed to do what it is supposed to do. Ours is above the oven and it has a light and fan underneath it. I just recently found out you can lock it so no one can get in! Has various heat settings and works great as just a timer. The presets are all on the dot and perfect for our tastes and how we like things. It gets a little getting used to but it's easy to catch on, on how it works and working it. Even perfect if you put some bread in to rise and turn the light on because it warms the bottom up :-) Performance Fantastic! It does what it's supposed to and never had a glitch, never had it falter, or stop working! HIGHLY recommend! Settings/Features Has everything you need it to! Lock feature, timer, defrost, heating liquid, popcorn. Ease of Cleaning Very, very easy to clean! It doesn't seem to let anything stick to it that you have to scrub and scrub. Just spray and wipe it out! Take out the tray and stick it in the dishwasher. Ease of Use Very, very easy to use! Just take it out the box and use it. Or you can read the directions and learn more on what it can do. Durability I have had it since 2010 and through a toddler, and kitchen with two people who love to cook. It gets alot use! Durable! Design Sleek and beautiful. It comes in Silver and Black. I have the black and it fits our kitchen but I've seen the silver and it's even more beautiful. A great addition to your kitchen and very classy!



GE Profile Spacemaker II Countertop Microwave Oven PEM31DMBB

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