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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
GE Profile Performance Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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We got this refridgerator when we bought our home in 2001. It has lasted almost (13 years) . If we were to go looking for a new one this would be the brand we would want to get . We always have ice and great tasting water . There is so much room we hardly ever not have enough space for the groceries . We also have two large draws for vegetables and meat . It has been very reliable and also very dependable . Noise Level It has always ran very quiet hardly ever new it was there. Interior Organization plenty of space on door for smaller things also 3 adjustable shelves make it easy to customize . Temperature Control food stays cold and fresh Ease of Cleaning removable shelves make it easy to clean. Durability its lasted almost 13 yrs seems to me thats durable.

Osawatomie, KS


GE Profile Performance Refrigerator is a good investment


I had been saving for a new refrigerator/freezer for about a year and had done some research online.  There were certian features that I knew I wanted in my refrigerator/freezer.  It had to be a modle with the freezer on the bottom.  I think it is so much more practicle to have the refrigerator on top for two reasons.  First, the top part of any refrigerator/freezer modle is the easiest to access.  In my old refrigerator, we were always forgetting things way back in the lower shelfs and the mystery items were thrown out with questions of how old they were and what they had been in their previous life.  The second reason I wanted the freezer on the bottom was because the fact that cold sinks, so if my power was ever interupted, things in a bottom freezer would last just a little longer than they would in a top freezer.  With cash in hand and research under my belt, I made a pruchase of a GE Profile Performance Refrigerator.  I chose a modle with one top door and not the side by side option.  I also did not go with the stainless steel, not because it was a bit more expensive, but because the rest of my kitchen appliances are white and I have heard that stainless steel has issues with finger prints showing up.  We got it home, plugged it in, and I have been extremely happy with it.  The adjustable shelves are deep they slide out for easy access to the food stored inside.  Cleaning it is easy and the adjustable compartments in the door are deep and wide.  It seems like I can hold twice as much i this refrigeratior as I did in my old one.  The vegetables and fruits kept in the crispers seem to last fresh just a little longer but not long enough for me to call the differance superior.  I am happy with the GE brand and will replace my other kitchen appliences with a GE when needed.  I would recomend this product. Oh yeah, I purposely choose not to have an icemaker installed because I didn't have a source of H20 available in the spot where the refrigerator goes and I didn't have the money to pay someone to run the line through the attic, so I have no experience with the icemaker.

Roswell, NM


Love it - only problem - ice maker sometimes freezes in clumps!


I love my GE PROFILE PERFORMANCE  refrigerator!  We have had it for (10) years now and it has not failed us.  It has plenty of room, has drawers for vegetables and meat and lots of compartments in the door for bottles and jars, etc.  The glass shelves, as well as the compartments in the door, are adjustable to  accommodate larger items.  There is even a 'cradle' for a wine bottle! I had a (5) year old when we got our refrigerator and love the outside surface that doesn't show fingerprints.  He was always putting dirty hands on everything but it never showed on the refrigerator!  Now he's almost (15) and, if I didn't have the 'no fingerprint' outside surface - there would probably still be boys fingerprints! It's nice to always have filtered water.  The filter has to be changed every (6) months which is no big deal.  My only complaint is the ice maker.  Sometimes it drips in the back - making the ice freeze together and I have to dig out that part because it stops the ice maker from making ice. All in all - this has been the best refrigerator we have ever owned and I would definitely recommend it to others!

Arlington, TX


The GE profile series of refrigerators is top of the line


The GE profile series refridgerators are by far the best you can buy.Never have I had the amount of room or organization that I have with this model.And the chrome finish is the easiest to clean.With every available feature offered,I don't know how I could live with anything less.

Hideaway, TX


GE Profile Performance Side-by-Side Refrigerator

4.5 4