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GE Profile PSB2200NBB Gas Single Oven

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A great oven for perfect baking!


The GE Profile wall-mounted oven has been a fantastic purchase.  We were in need of a new oven as the previous owners of the house we purchased left us with a non-functioning oven from 20 years ago.  So, when stores had their sales during a holiday weekend, we hit the stores and found this oven (along with the coordinating microwave) to be the best deal for a reputable brand.  I haven't been happier with this purchase, and, as many will attest, this is the nicest thing in my whole kitchen!  But aside from good looks, the oven works as you would expect from any new oven.  The digital controls work great and are easy to clean; the timer function is great because you can set it to turn off the oven when baking is done; the convection mechanism took me a little while to figure out (could be a little more clear in the manual) but it, too, works great.  I haven't had any problems with cleaning the oven either.  Woo Hoo GE! Performance I am having a hard time seeing any difference with the convection quality of the oven compared to just the regular bake setting. Most things on convection are 25 degrees less and supposedly cook faster, however I always end up having to leave my food in longer before it is fully cooked so it doesn't really make sense to me. But the roast and broil functions are awesome and I am overall happy with it.

Folsom, CA


good oven


I love this oven i just hate cleaning the glass top it is a big pain in the butt and all the products out there are not the greatest! and i had to go get new pans to be able to use it so that is my biggest complaint and the oven takes a bit to heat up but other than that works great and i would still recomend it!

Millmont, PA


Great value! excellent product!


The GE True Touch stainless steel oven was the first oven I ever purchased for myself and I love it.  It has all of the features that I look for in an oven: standard settings that are easy to use like temperature controls and bake, preheat, etc.  The pre-heat is always done in the same predicatble amount of time.  I have found that all features cook the food to the desired level.  I have never had food come out dry or overdone or undercooked when I place the food on the middle tier.  I do find that the coils heat slightly uneven and that I must push my dishes to the very back of the oven for everything to cook evenly but I can't complain because the product always comes out exactly within the time range.  The racks are easy to pull out and fit incely in their groves when you are done cleaning them.  My oven is stainless steel and I have found that still after a few years the steel is spotless, the self cleaning option works well too.

Travelers Rest, SC


GE Profile PSB2200NBB Gas Single Oven

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