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GE Profile Harmony Electric Dryer

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GE Profile DPG750EC is good dryer


Last year we moved into a new house and this dryer came installed along with a GE Profile washer. We've had zero problems with it so far and have been quite impressed. A ton of different features exist on it and its rather easy for me and my wife to use. I will say it does generate some noise but that can be solved by simply closing the door if you have a seperate room devoted for it. Also, it doesn't produce as much lint as our last drying machine which is a plus! And of course the best feature is probably its mega capcity which helps for a growing family.

Newark, DE


GE Profile Dryer works, but doesn't do all it claims.


I've had the GE Profile Harmony dryer for a few years and it has been okay.  It gets the clothes dry.  But it doesn't do all it claims. I bought this dryer with the washer (which was horrible!!) because of it's computerized, energy efficient appeal.  It was supposed to cut drying time by 1/3.  Down to 40 minutes or less.  Well, that is not true.  It takes 55 minutes for a normal load to dry.  And for a load of towels or jeans, it is even more.  But 55 minutes is the time it takes for a normal dryer to dry, so I continue with comparing it to any other dryer. This dryer has a touch screen.  I love it.  You can customize every load.  The temperature, the time and even the type of load.  It is so user friendly. It also has a LOT of options.  You can do a de-wrinkle which I use all the time.  You can dry different things like comforters and you can also put in a shoe rack (included) and dry shoes. I must mention, however, that the washer that matches this dryer was horrible!  Although I still use the dryer, I had to replace the washer after years of nothing but problems. Also, this dryer is expensive.  And the only two things that set it apart are the touch screen and the options.  Is it worth the extra money?  To me, no.  Especially because the washer broke, so I can't have a matching pair.  But since I have it, and I've already spent the money with no turning back, I do like the dryer.

Buffalo, NY


Can even do the King size quilts


While shopping for a washing machine, well we bought the dryer to match. Didnt really need the dryer but just couldnt resist the deal the guy gave us for both. It was at a furniture store going out of business. And I am well pleased with this G E Profile Dryer. First it matches the washer and I have never had that before. But the way this thing works is great. You can really put a lot of stuff in this thing. It is a energy efficent dryer, it has a cool down cycle like most dryers do. But this thing is so quiet its amazing. The washer that matches it is also very quiet. It holds a lot of clothes and so far everything I have put in there has came out dry. Even the king size bedding was all dry. That was a good surprise.  It also has a moisture sensor on it tho I am really not too sure of what that does. and I also like the dewrinkle cycle for those times you dont, cant or forget to get the clothes out when the buser  lets you know that they are dry. I am well pleased with my new General Electric Profile Dryer.

Waynesboro, TN


I Can't Stop Thinking About You


**Ahhhh the ole profile dryer.. Sits right next washer with the same name.. Cool thing is the washer and dryer talk via a usb cable. The dryer pretty much sets itself. It knows what kind of clothes you washed and how much the load of clothes weighed and figures out how long it will take to dry.** **This thing is pretty quiet and powerful. My only complaint is when you dry something big like a king comforter it almost never comes out completely dry. Other than that this thing drys like a champion. Had this for over a year and have had no problems at all with it.** **Can handle a lot of clothes at one time!**

Saint Augustine, FL


GE Profile Harmony Electric Dryer

4.0 4