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GE Professional Style Deep Fryer

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Great Appliance.


My husband is a fisherman. I bought this appliance for him for Father's Day over 5 years ago. He has fish fries in the backyard for family and neighbors regularly through the summer and this appliance has served him wonderfully. It has held up great to many uses. Fries the food great and is easy to use and clean. Obviously it is durable because it has lasted us now for many years. At the time I purchased our appliance it was very reasonably priced and has been a great investment. Our only complaint is that it uses a large amount of oil as it takes a gallon of oil to fill the fryer. Performance This appliance heats the oil quickly and a light indicates when oil is at the right temperature for frying. Lid prevents the excessive mess of splatters and bubbling over and has a window so you can see through it. Cooks a larger amount than just a simple frying pan so makes frying large amounts for family gatherings easier. Browns the food great on all sides. Ease of Use Basket hangs on top for loading and then you simply lower into hot grease. This fries fish, french fries, and onion rings great. It evenly browns on all sides and has a light that comes on when the grease is at the right temperature. It has an indention on the side that tells you how much grease to add so you don't run it over by adding too much. Durability I've owned this appliance for over 5 years and it has been a dependable addition to my kitchen. It works well, cooks food quickly and was affordable. There has been no maintenance of any kind on the appliance. It stores easily and is the perfect size. Not too bulky. Ease of Cleaning Heating prongs and basket are removable and make cleaning easy.






My profry was given to me as a gift last year, sense I got mine I wonder how I suvive without it. I love it has cut my cooking or frying in have the time. I have used it in my business as a caterer and simply can not do without it.


Jonesboro, GA


we love this product


when we purchased this item our fryer had just broken and we were just looking for something smaller and convenient...this fryer is exactly what we needed.  it's great because it has a timer and a thermostat.  it is also very easy to clean and store which is exactly what we were looking for.  it is easy to store because it is smaller and you can easily take it apart to store it and clean it


Williamsport, PA


The GE Professional Style Deep Fryer is the best!


Living in the South, I do alot of deep frying. I am the one who researches everything I buy to find the best product for my money. I had wanted a deep fryer for awhile but could not bring myself to pay a ton of money for a fryer. After alot of searching, I found the GE Professional Style Deep Fryer. First, it looks so stylish and professional. It is really sturdy. The oil pan is really thick and marked to where you should keep your oil level. It has a ledge to hang the fryer basket on to let the oil drip off after frying, which is really handy. There is a timer knob so you can set it for a certain time to cook or you can set it for constant on for larger batches. There is a temperature control knob. The heat up time is pretty good considering it holds alot of oil. This one is a larger fryer so it takes about 2.5 qts of oil. It has two filters on the top to control odors. The heat recovery time when cooking is amazing. The secret to deep frying is keeping the oil hot. Some fryers will let the oil temp. drop when you add food, but the GE Professional Style Deep Fryer keeps the oil a more consistent temp to keep your food from getting soggy. Clean up is a breeze. The back of the unit lifts out of the oil reserve pan removing the heating elements from the pan. The basket has a removable handle that folds inward to store. And it has a break away magnetic cord for safety which is great. Overall, I am very pleased with this deep fryer.


Cottondale, AL


GE Professional Style Deep Fryer-professional results at home


We do a lot of entertaining, pot lucks & cook outs, especially in the summer. As we have a friend who is a diver & one who is Fillipino, two things we can count on are frying fish & lumpia. This fryer has been the best purchase I have made in the last couple years! We bring it outside and assign one or two of the guys to man the fryer, it's so easy, even a man can handle it! The deep well allows food to be cooked in large enough batches to keep up with demand, and the basket that hooks on the side makes it simple to drain, serve & refill. The magnetic cord is a fabulous idea! We already had a disaster diverted when someone walked behind the table where the cooker was set up & walked into the cord.  Instead of bringing the fryer down the plug came free! For the amount of food it produces, the size & shape is pretty compact & it fits easily on my kitchen shelf for storage. Clean up is simple too! Quick & easy with consistently excellent results!     


Jacksonville Beach, FL


GE Professional Style Deep Fryer

4.8 5