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GE Panini Maker

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It was a great Gift!


I recieved the GE Panini Maker as a gift from a friend. Although I could do the same thing in my favorite frying pan, I really do enoy the panini maker. I just plug the device in, let is warmup, and then select my favorite cheeses and meets to put on my bread while it is warming up. Just pop it on the machiene, and presto! I have a delicious panini without having to go to a fancy Italian bakery. There are a few drawbacks to using the machiene. It does require more cleaning time than would my favorite skillet. The cheese chan run on and burn on the hot plates, which makes cleanup tricky at times. The machiene does however deliver that excellent bakery taste that many of us long for, but don't have the time nor energy to go drive and buy it. If you want a way to make delicious paninis in your own home, then the GE Panini Maker would deffinitly be worth the money it costs to go buy the machiene.

Charlotte, TN


Nothing a Frying Pan Can't Do


I don't hate my General Electric Panini Maker, I just think that it's a gimmicky kind of thing that sounds great and you like the idea of it, but in reality is not worth time and effort it takes.  The Panini Maker in my opinion does not do anything a Frying Pan doesn't do just as well. I received the GE Panini Maker last Christmas from my coworkers (who I'm hoping will not read this), and it was a lovely and thoughtful gift since they know I enjoy cooking.  But after trying it the first time, I thought, "this is a heck of a long way around to make a stupid grilled cheese sandwich!"  It does make a pretty sandwich.  I'll give it that.  It has those nice grill marks on the bread that do indeed make the sandwich look more appetizing.  However, it's another electrical appliance vying for counter space and another thing to clean.  And cleaning can be a hassle just like a fry pan if you do not attend to it right away, but a pan I can rinse immediately in the sink.  This griller has to cool before I can rinse, and my then the cheese has gotten hard.  

North Hollywood, CA


GE Panini Maker

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