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GE Profile Double Wall Oven


This double wall oven replaced an older model that we removed to use in a different kitchen. When upgrading we moved from black appliances to stainless steel and this double oven offers the sleek lines and contemporary look we were hoping to find when shopping. Having owned GE models previously, we were happy with the brand recognition and commitment to quality. The new features for us included convection oven settings, which after some time we have found to be less than useful. The convection setting was a selling point when we purchased the double wall oven, but we have yet to use it with success and after many attempts bailed on the functionality altogether and just use the basic oven settings for both top and bottom ovens. In this way, they function beautifully and produce the even heat over expected time. Perhaps if we were move familiar and proficient with convection cooking, that feature would be nice, but to-date we choose to use the basic oven setting over the convection option. The panel is simple to use and operates both top and bottom ovens from the one panel. Timer settings are simple, as are heat settings. We have been very happy with the performance of the oven lights, as well, having known previous ovens to have lights which were often too dim to effectively view what was baking without having to open the door. These ovens clean easily, as well.




I'm in LOVE with my GE Profile Convection Oven!


I am very happy with my GE Profile convection oven. The oven bakes things so evenly. I can reduce the cooking time on certain things, saving me time in the kitchen. I also love having the double oven, so I can be baking things at different temperatures at the same time. Capacity I love having three racks in the upper oven. My only complaint would be that they aren't all the ball-bearing type. They included one of those. It is so easy to pull out so that you can check the doneness of items without having to completely remove them from the oven. Ease of Use The controls are very easy to understand. Design The design is very sleek and would go with just about any decor.


Plattsmouth, NE



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