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GE PP912 30 in. Electric Cooktop

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Wow, after using exclusively an old fashioned electric coil cooktop for 30 years the switch to this smooth 4 burner cooktop was awesome. Temperature Control Of course, for me there was a learning curve to getting the temperature right for different cooking situations, but it did not take long to figure out how quickly and hot each burner was. The unit has one medium size burner in the back designated as the "rapid boil" burner, which as the description implies heats up faster than the others, and I like this because you can bring water to a boil in a matter of minutes, depending on the size of your pot. Heat Distribution Each burner heats evenly, and I do not notice any hot spots. Durability It does what it is designed to do, and has not caused me any issues at this point, which is 3 years now. Ease of Cleaning This is the only area where it can take a little bit of doing to remove baked on grease. You certainly do not want to scratch the glass, so using non scratch scrubbers is essential. I have been known to carefully use a single edge razor blade to remove grease.



Not for Heavy-Duty Cooking


I'd say this cook top is ok for the average home cook, but if you cook large quantities of food or need to have multiple pans going at the same time - look for another model. My main complaints are that it takes longer than I expected for the burners to come up to the desired temperature, and it won't accommodate large pots. I was hosting a family dinner for 25 and wanted to make mashed potatoes - so I got my extra large stockpot and tried to boil about 10 pounds of potatoes. The water never did come to a boil. Apparently the weight of the pot with the water and potatoes in it caused the burner to shut off. I ended up having to put the pot on our outdoor gas grill to get it to a boil. Heat Distribution It does heat evenly without creating hot spots in one part of the pan Durability Shuts off if pan is too heavy

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GE PP912 30 in. Electric Cooktop

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