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GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30" Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range

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Tis is a range that makes you feel like a chef


This GE range is out of the ballpark special. When we remodeled the kitchen I decided to go back to a gas range which I had not used for years.I can't even remember why I quit using gas but I think it had to do with cleaning the burners. Yes, it takes a little getting used to but I love it. It has a double oven which I always thought was worthless and find I use it all of the time. There are two keypads to operate the different ovens and that is simple enough Extra burner and so many state of the art features that even non cooks will enjoy using this range. It is free standing so replacing a stove is just a matter of moving the old one out and the new one in. The metal edge gives it the look of a built in. Temperature Control I was concerned that it would be difficult to figure out what temperatures were needed bur thus far all burners heat evenly and I love the way the range looks and operates. The middle burner and I aren't getting along to well yet but I think that its a matter of figuring it out and I haven't taken the time to do that. Heat Distribution I find that I use the top/smaller over most of the time. It is gas only, while the bottom one is gas or confection. The top oven is perfect for a pizza, that garlic bread of most anything. Heats quickly and using both oven works great when doing cookies or things that need two different temperatures. Durability I'm going to give it a ten based on my other GE ranges. The last one was still going after fifteen years but I wanted a new one. Design State of the art here. It really looks great. Ease of Cleaning My biggest fear that a gas range would be a lot more difficult to clean was totally unfounded.

Peoria, AZ


Good unit


I had to spend a month with my father while he recovered from surgery. When I got to his house, I discovered that his stove was in bad shape. I got him this unit, and I absolutely loved it. It is way more than he needs, but his old stove only had one working burner and the oven didn't work at all. This new stove has all the bells and whistles, and it is gas, which is so much better to cook on. He isn't much of a cook, but this nice new stove should help the resale value of the house in the future. Temperature Control Every thing works great on this stove. It is gas, so you have great flexibility with your temperature. Heat Distribution It is a great unity to cook with. Heat distribution is perfect. Gas cooking is so much better than any electric range top. Durability I'm sure this range will last for many years. Design It really is a great design. It looks great in his kitchen. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. The ovens are quick and easy, and the range top just takes a quick wipe down.



GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30" Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range

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