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GE PDW7880RSS Built-in Dishwasher

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Middle of the Road Dishwasher


I have had a great dishwasher, a very bad dishwasher and then this one which I would say is quite middle of the road. It cleans the dishes ok but not perfect. There are times when there is still food particles on the dishes after they come out. Its not a stacking issue either but honestly I think its just the dishwasher itself. We will keep it for now but figure in a year or 2 we will replace it. Noise Level It is ok on noise but far from good. We usually wash during the day so that it doesn't keep up the person the room below. Cleaning Time I personally think the longer the cleaning time the better the washing! So ours is about 80 min to wash and dry with a little longer if you want a prewash. Loading Flexibility It has many different heights on the top rack so you can put small cups on one side but longer stemware on the other side just fine. The bottom rack is fairly simple but you can put things in a bunch of different places. Performance A dishwasher has one simple job, to wash dishes. It makes me upset when a dishwasher doesn't do its job. I shouldn't have to prewash my dishes in the sink in order to get them clean! This dishwasher has issues with oatmeal and egg. I have had a dishwasher that could do Both of these no questions asked! When I can replace this machine I will go with a better quality machine. Design First off its not real stainless. I had another machine that allowed magnets on it which was great for a magnetic kids toy but no go on this one! It shows the stains pretty bad too. I also prefer a dishwasher with a stainless steel interior as I feel it keeps the smells out better. This one is plastic. Durability We purchased this home 2 years ago and as of this point we haven't had a problem with it.




GE PDW7880RSS Built-in Dishwasher

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