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Top Load Washers
GE King-Size Capapacity Top Load Washer

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Lovin my new washing machine!


I just purchased this GE washing machine online through I was in diarer need of a new washing machine because mine was not draining on the regular cycle and would have to put it on another cycle to drain, then put it on 2 different cycles twice to spin the clothes good enough to get the water out...ugh...what a pain...but kept putting it off, until my husband said enough already lets go get ya a new washing machine. So I went shopping around to different places to see what all they had. Gosh some of these washers are unbelievable with all their gadgets they come with now (it's been 13yrs since I shopped for new washer). I was not looking for all that and didn't need a bunch of added bells and whistles so to say. Finally decided on this GE one. This is very basic compared to the others, which was a plus for me. I can't say enough that I am glad I purchased this one. Right after the delivery guys helped set it up I put a load in, and left the room. Ended up going back in the laundry room a few times because I thought it wasn't running anymore. This is so quiet even through all the cycles. I was amazed! Checked the clothes and they were nice and clean. They also were hardly wet which I was amazed again! Threw them into the dryer and it didn't take long at all for them to dry. Nothing like I was use too. I'm saving myself more free time and saving more money now ... Got to love it!  

Waterloo, NY


I love this washer


My old washer was on it's last legs and was SOOO very loud I couldn't even hear the TV when it was on the spin cycle.  I can't even tell when my new GE 3.5 Cu. Ft. 14-Cycle King-Size Washer is finished because it's so quiet.  The tub is huge which is handy because my son always overloads when he washes.  I would highly recommend this washer and will probably get the matching dryer when my old one dies.

San Antonio, TX


GE King-Size Capapacity Top Load Washer

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