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GE JRP28 Double Wall Oven

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GE JRP28 Double Wall Oven


The best thing about this is having two ovens; the worst is that the self-cleaning mechanism sets off my fire alarm every time I clean the oven with it. It also emits an acrid smell, so now (since the warranty's expired) I have to clean it by hand. I like the fact that the oven's timing and temperature controls are digital - but for some reason, the bottom oven has an older style wheel that is not precise. It doesn't click into place, and has some wobble so I'm not really sure how much off the actual temperature is. Therefore, I don't use it for anything that requires a strict temperarture but instead for broiling and keeping cooked foods warm. The oven racks don't slide easily into place, and they're very hard to clean. Parts of the silver coating have worn off. Overall, a very good oven until the self-cleaning mechanism went wonky.

Buffalo, NY


The GE Profile double oven is great for parties.


The GE Profile double oven is a great stove although a bit expensive.  The glass top is the only thing about this that I would have changed as it is white and VERY hard to keep clean even with the special cleaner they give you.  It needs special care every time you use it. I just love the 2 ovens.  When I am giving a party or at holiday time, I use both ovens at the same time and the bottom one is a convection oven that cooks at a lower temp with a fan blowing for a more even heat.  The smaller oven on the top is the one I use most often as usually it is just the 2 of us.  I like that it saves me on electricity instead of lighting a big oven for a tiny pan. This is a pizza oven also although the directions do not tell you much about this.  Their booklet that comes with the oven is not too helpful for a woman.  You can tell it was written by a man and more to the point of what each button does but leaves out different cooking suggestions that a woman would appreicate like how to use the pizza oven not just press this button. All and all, I love this oven and would recommend it to anyone.

East Haven, CT


DO NOT BUY GE APPLIANCES very poor quality!


We redid my parents kitchen with all GE products.  GE side by side refrigerator, GE double wall oven, GE dishwasher.  None of them have made it to the 5 year mark without needing MAJOR repairs i.e. the electrical panel of the double oven, the compressor of the refrigerator, the water lines of the dishwasher. When I called GE for help they said basically, "too bad" the refrigerator was 3 weeks over the manufacturers warranty - in other words GE doesn't think you should get more than 5 years out of your product? GE ovens had been recalled due to the heat from the oven burning out the electrical panels but they said ours was not included in the recall even though it was having the same issue. We will never buy GE again!  The appliances are not good and the customer service is non-existant.

Putnam Valley, NY


GE JRP28 Double Wall Oven

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