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GE Gas Water Heater PG40

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Superior to the rest!!


This by far seems to be the best water heater on the market, 30 gallon, gas-water heater wise!! It's so efficient and heats our water with no issues. We can ALL take very long hot showers without worrying about the water getting even warm! There are lots of nice features, like water temp settings & the automatic pilot lighting is wonderful!! This is my first time buying one, so I was custom to the idea of having to light it manually, & worried about this aspect until the day finally came where we had to purchase a new one & actually light it & come to find out it's just a push of a butto & turn of a knob, awesome!!!!! Anyway, GE has been around a long time, so I trust it always & am very glad I went with GE for the water heater, which was the same model that was here before we bought the house, just a more updated model!!


Somerdale, NJ


GE Gas Water Heater PG40

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